Exploring Cycles of Incarnation: A Scientist Travels the Colossal Firmament

PureInsight | April 16, 2007

[PureInsight.org] I have a good
friend who is a scholar and very busy with her work. After many broken
appointments, we finally got together one day at her home surrounded by
the clear and beautiful scenery of a mountain and a lake. We shared our
thoughts on a wide range of topics. Then, with deep curiosity she
decided to try hypnosis.

She entered the state of hypnosis quickly. However, surprisingly, she
did not see the history of her life incarnations within the three
realms. Instead, she was allowed to enter the universe and colossal
firmament at the speed of a space shuttle to travel and view the vast
universe. The universe was truly boundlessly immense and deep without
end. She felt that she herself was boundlessly immense, as if she were
the only life in the entire universe observing there.

In the boundless universe, she traveled among stars. At first, she was
in a very deep dimension of the universe and later she saw many nbright
stars. At that moment, I asked her: "Which one is your corresponding
star?" Hearing me, she told me that many bright stars had faded away
now with only one being very bright and emitting pinkish colored rays.
It came before her eyes from the remote boundary, but was not dazzling;
instead, she felt it was warm and loving. I felt puzzled, too, upon
hearing this. Why was only one star remaining bright and even sending
out a pinkish light? The universe is really filled with mysteries!

During the whole process of hypnosis, she traveled back and forth
between the universe and our dimension many times. She kept on telling
me that she saw some mountains, rivers, and a vague white house, and
saying in English: "I am so enjoying traveling through space." She also
said that it was like traveling through the simulated "space" at Disney

After we had a brief rest, she opened her eyes and looked around. 
The house was still there. She touched the bed covering and said: "This
wasn't an impression from a movie, or Disney Land, was it?" I want to
have hypnosis done one more time." I agreed happily.

She again entered the state quickly and said: "I know I am lying on the
bed, but now it is again like riding a space shuttle and lifting very
fast. I am up again." She viewed the immense universe with a highly
clear and concentrated mind. Her description was not an illusion but a
concrete sensation of self-experience. She kept on talking and joking
with me, enjoying the indescribable magnificence and sensing the
greatness of the universe, the insignificance of humankind, and the
narrowness of modern science.

In this case of hypnosis we have a scientist who has studied modern
science from a young age, has a Ph.D. degree and works at a university,
and would not undertake this experience with a clouded mind that would
readily accept illusion. During the process of hypnosis, she opened her
eyes several times to try to be sure whether or not she was
hallucinating, but she had a very clear mind and no confusion in her
thinking. She was indeed having real experiences.

She did regret, however, that she was not able to see her lives during their reincarnations throughout history.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/3/29/42998.html

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