Life & Samsara Discussion Series: Took a Trip to Taiwan, Met A Friend From a Thousand Years Ago

Hang Ming

PureInsight | April 22, 2007

[] In the golden
fall of year 2006, I flew from North America to the other side of the
ocean to attend the Taiwan Future Science Culture Seminar that was
hosted by Pure Insight and other network companies. All sorts of
feelings went through my mind during the trip.  This is the first
time I have flown to Asia since I came to America sixteen years
ago,.  The destination is not my hometown, which I dream about day
and night. But it is Taiwan, which has been called the "abyss of
suffering" and needed to be saved by us.

My plane landed slowly at Peach International Airport. The subtropical
city Taipei is full of sunshine, fresh flowers and green grassland. The
tall coconut palms look like the reach up to the sky. The friend who
picked me up at the airport told me about some of the scenic spots and
historical sites in Taiwan. When the car passed through the center of
the town, I felt it was extremely familiar because had I read the
traveling books about Taiwan before. Now, when I am among Chinese
people who speak the Chinese language, I do not have any unfamiliar

The seminar was held in the auditorium of the medical college at Yang
Ming University in Taiwan. Many professors and scholars from Taiwan and
overseas went up to the stage to give incisive speeches in the areas of
Chinese Medicine, characters and western Samsara. The speeches were
splendid and full of wisdom.

During the seminar, a girl called out to me:" Sister Hang Ming, Sister
Hang Ming, Can I talk to you about a personal thing?" Then she asked me
my hotel phone number. She called me that night and asked me if I could
do the hypnosis for her.  I asked her to come to my hotel early
the next morning. When I saw her next morning, she brought all kinds of
desserts for me and very sweetly called me sister.  This made me
feel very warm and kind. After a short conversation, she entered into a
hypnotic state very quickly.

She saw herself in white long gown standing in the vast and boundless
universe with two big silver swings on her back. She held a long sword.
She was the God who was responsible for keeping the planet running in
its orbit.  Because of the imbalance between the positive and the
negative energy in the universe, she had to be responsible for that.
Therefore, she was punished by being sent down to the earth.

When she got right above the earth, she saw that the earth was a
negative energy ball. She was very disappointed. She did not want to go
to Earth. So she stayed right above the earth.  At that moment,
she lost her wings and the long sword. Gradually, she lost her energy
and was sucked into the earth by the negative energy.

It was an ancient time on earth.  It was the civilization before
the Atlantis civilization. Later on, because of the high technology,
people's moral standards were ruined and the city sank into the ocean.
Suddenly, she said that she was reincarnated during the Atlantis
civilization. During the early stage of the Atlantean civilization,
people paid a lot of attentions to cultivation. People were intelligent
and technology was very advanced. They always used the giant crystal as
an energy source to adjust the balance between humans and the
environment. Later on, because the moral standard was destroyed, people
did not have beliefs and also lost their intelligence. Finally, the
continental plate sank into the ocean.

During the next period of civilization, she was incarnated in Europe.
Most of the times, she was in Germany and France. She said that she
admired the Chinese Culture during the ancient Roman time. So she
followed the Silk Road, passing through Italy, Romania, Turkey, and
Anatolia, and arrived in China. Then she went to ancient Loulan and
finally arrived at Dun Huang. At that time, Dun Huang was full of green
grass. No matter whether from the artistic, cultural, economic, or
environmental perspective, Dun Hung was the best place to live. So she
settled down in Dun Hung until she died. After she died, her primary
spirit returned to Europe.

During her hypnosis, she told me that she saw me in ancient Loulan. I
was with another friend. We established a warm-hearted karmic
relationship. We promised that we would see each other in the future.
It is really true that things were pre-arranged. When she had just
entered into hypnosis state, I asked her to stop for a few minutes and
stay at that stage. I asked her if I could let my friend from next room
join us. She agreed. Therefore, I brought my friend from next room to
join us. Then we continued the hypnosis.

During the whole process, she kept telling us that she had gotten to
know an elderly man who was a hundred years old. He was a cultivator.
Even now, his portrait was hanging in the hallway of the museum. She
felt that her spirit was very lonely. She also mentioned that she
choose to reincarnate as a Chinese and live in Taiwan because she saw
that Mainland China was full of dark waves and evil running wild. The
relationship among people was very intense. People cheated and tried to
outwit others. Because she was afraid of being reincarnated into China.
She chose Taiwan. In this generation, she said that she tried to find
the golden key. When I asked her what the golden key was, she told me
that she was looking for a pure cultivation group. She no longer wants
to go back to her old universe. She wants to go to the new universe,
which is the most perfect world.

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