At Crucial Moments, We Must Increase Our Own Capacities and Cultivate Ourselves Well

A Taiwanese Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | April 23, 2006

[] I became more
aware of my recent cultivation condition a short while after hearing
the shocking news about the Sujiatun Labor Camp. Not only had I not
been making improvement in my cultivation, I had many obvious omissions
and obvious mistakes in my truth-clarification efforts. Searching
within, I discovered that I was becoming anxious. Having heard the
shocking news about the severe and violent events suffered by the
fellow practitioners, I invariably felt that some urgent action needed
be taken to assist those fellow practitioners and, at the same time, I
had to tell the people of the world the facts, as that is a duty and
responsibility incumbent upon every Dafa practitioner. But if the heart
is not calm, it will not achieve the results. As we progress higher and
higher in our levels during our cultivation, our capacity must also
increase accordingly, otherwise our state of cultivation would become
stagnant. It would then be like an ordinary person doing Dafa work,
which would be making a futile effort. When that happens, one not only
hasn't cultivated well himself, he has also held up the progress of the
great deed of saving the sentient beings.

In "Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A." in 2002, Master
said: "So, no matter how busy you get, when you study the Fa you have
to set aside all other thoughts--don't think about other things at all,
just study the Fa. Maybe as you study the Fa the issues you've been
thinking about will be resolved, since behind every word are Buddhas,
Daos, and Gods. How could they not know exactly what you want to
resolve and what you're anxious to get done at that time? Then how
could they not tell you? But there's one thing: you must achieve the
state of studying the Fa without any pursuit. You understood this a
long time ago--you can't read the Fa with an attachment to solving your
problems. Just read calmly, and the effect is sure to be excellent."

Master had instructed us again and again that we must study the Fa
well, especially at this most crucial period in history. We are
fighting with the old forces for time. They are destroying the sentient
beings, and we are saving the sentient beings. If we do not keep up
with the progress of Fa-rectification, and fail to increase our
capacity, would that do? If we sink into the anxiety of the ordinary
people, and not keeping the heart calm while studying the Fa, we can't
possibly do the two others things (clarifying the truth and sending
righteous thoughts) well. We will feel tired and become ill-tempered.
In fact, we would then be treading the path arranged by the old forces.

The occurrence at Sujiatun is a grim test for all the Dafa
practitioners. Some are still in doubt and adopting a wait-and-see
attitude. Some are in a sorrowful state. Others hold on to the ordinary
human heart with anger and fury and so on and cannot step forward to
verify the Fa. But when I cannot steadily do the Three Things well, am
I also not walking the path Master has arranged for me well?

In "Towards Consummation", Master said: "Think about it: the enormous
test at present is exactly to see how Dafa fares and how students
conduct themselves in Master's absence. How could Master speak out? How
could I again tell you what to do? Additionally, they manipulate wicked
human beings to examine Dafa and its disciples, putting them through a
comprehensive and destructive test that targets all human thoughts and
attachments. Had you truly been able to get rid of those fundamental
human attachments in your cultivation, this last tribulation would not
have been so vicious."

In the trial at the present moment, we absolutely cannot accept the
arrangement of the old forces. In our cultivation we must treat the Fa
as the Master, and only by having a calm heart during Fa study can we
discard our basic attachments. Then we will have righteous thoughts and
actions to save more of the sentient beings. Rescuing the fellow
practitioners in China must be carried out immediately. All Dafa
practitioners must take action and clarify the facts to the best of our
capabilities. That is also to let the sentient beings choose their
future positions. But we must absolutely not forget that we should be
calm when we study the Fa. As we steadily perform the Three Things and
use our righteous thoughts and actions to discard our apathetic hearts,
our dependent and wait-and-see hearts, anxious hearts, and so on, the
evil will be completely disintegrated by the field of our righteous

We must not allow bad elements to cause gaps in ourselves. We must be
clear-headed when treading the final part of our journey. Finally, may
I respectfully present a section from Master's article "Rationality"
for mutual encouragement of my fellow practitioners: "Your current
performance as Dafa disciples is magnificent. All of this is your
goodness (shan) made manifest, and it is what evil fears most, as those
who attack goodness are bound to be evil. The actions they are now
adopting in the persecution of Dafa and its students are extremely evil
and shameful, and they fear these will be exposed. You must let the
world's people know about their evilness--this is saving people, as
well. While eliminating the evil, you consummate yourselves and
strengthen the Fa's manifestation in the world. Did you know that
everything you are currently doing has already established the most
magnificent and eternal mighty virtue for Dafa and Dafa cultivators?
When this page of history is turned, the people who remain will see
your magnificence, and the future Gods will forever remember this
magnificent time in history. Validate the Fa with rationality, clarify
the truth1 with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy--this
is establishing the mighty virtue of an Enlightened Being."

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