Understanding of Life: Honesty Touches the Whole World


PureInsight | May 14, 2006

[PureInsight.org] From ancient
to modern times, no matter whether in the West or the East, honesty is
considered a traditional virtue. Along their life journeys, people
might lose some material profit when they behave in a honest and
trustworthy manner. But from a long-term point of view, establishing
one's honest and trustworthy reputation is something that can't be
measured with money.  Having credibility is one of the keys for a
person to be successful in his/her life. Thus, the right attitude
towards life is to stay far away from cheating, lying, and
superficiality. The basic principle to be a human being is not to cheat
and not to hide things from others.

One Friday evening, a poor young musician was standing next to the
subway entrance as usual and playing his violin without thinking about
anything else. The music was beautiful and touching. Although people
were hurrying home for the weekend, many people still couldn't help
slowing down their pace as they were passing by. Once in a while,
someone would put some money into the hat that the young musician had
placed on the ground..

The next evening, the young musician showed up in front of the subway
entrance as usual. He took off his hat and put it on the ground. What
was different from before was that he took out a large piece of paper
from his bag and then carefully laid it out on the ground as well. He
weighed the paper down with some small stones that had he brought with
him. After he finished laying everything out, he tuned his violin and
started to play. The music sounded more touching and melodious than

In a short period of time, a crowd gathered around the young violinist.
People were attracted by the words on that large piece of paper on the
ground. Some were even standing on their tiptoes to look. It said on
the paper, "Yesterday evening a gentleman named George Sung mistakenly
put an important item into my hat. Please quickly come and claim your
missing item."

People all wanted to know what the item in question was. Some people
even waited around to find out the outcome. After half an hour, a
middle-aged man rushed in front of the violinist. He grabbed and the
musician's shoulder and asked incoherently, "Wow, it is truly you! You
really have come back. I knew that you are an honest person and you
definitely would come back." The young violinist calmly asked him, "Are
you Mr. George Sung?" That person nodded his head quickly. The
violinist asked again, "Did you lose something?" The gentleman
answered, "My winning lottery ticket, winning lottery ticket." The
violinist took a ticket out of his chest pocket. The name "Geroge Sung"
was written on the ticket. The violinist held the ticket in his hand
and raised it high and asked,  "Is this it?" George Sung rapidly
nodded his head and snatched the ticket and kissed it. Then he hugged
the violinist, held him up, and twirled him around twice on the ground.

The story was like this. George Sung was an employee in a company.
Several days ago he bought a bank's lottery ticket. Yesterday at noon
time the bank announced the winter. His ticket had won half a million
dollar! After work, his mood was extremely good and felt that the music
was especially wonderful. So he took out $50 from his wallet and put
the money into the hat. But he carelessly threw in the prize ticket
together with the money. The young violinist was a student in an arts
college. He had planned to go to Vienna for further education. His
flight was supposed to leave this morning. But when he was organizing
his luggage last night, he found this winning ticket worth $500K.
Thinking that the person who lost it would come back and search for it,
he cancelled this morning's flight ticket and came here on time to wait
for the owner of the lost item.    

Later on someone asked the young violinist: "You need money for your
tuition. In order to earn money for that, you have to come to the
subway everyday to play violin. Why didn't you keep the $500K winning
ticket to yourself?" The young violinist said: "Even though I don't
have much money, I live happily. If I lose my honesty and credibility,
I won't be happy even for one day anymore."

That is true. If honesty and creditability disappear in human world,
how can people be happy? The society in Mainland China has been
decaying rapidly. Many immoral and abnormal social phenomena have
emerged in Mainland China. They are all because the evil Chinese
Communist Party has destroyed the mutual trust that people used to have
toward each other. Only when you stand on the pure land filled with
honesty, can you experience the true sentiments of the human world.
With creditability and mutual trust, people will be able to enjoy each
other in their interactions.

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