Letting Go of Ego and Harmonizing Dafa

A Dafa Disciple from Taiwan

PureInsight | May 14, 2006

[PureInsight.org] Once when a
practitioner told me that no one paid any attention to the project he
was in charge of, I was very surprised. I didn't know why he would feel
that way. What he was working on was clearly an important media
project. How could other practitioners not take it seriously? Many
practitioners are making phone calls to Mainland China, clarifying the
truth on the Internet, passing out flyers on the street and doing other
related projects quietly on their own. Just because they do those
things on their own, does it mean that nobody takes their efforts

All Dafa projects are connected closely with each other. No matter
which particle is not acting well, it leaves an omission that can be
taken advantage of by the evil. Each of us has to be responsible for
the project we are in charge of. No matter where we are at, our top
priority should be to harmonize Dafa. Whether we are coordinators of
major projects or passing out flyers on the street, the mighty virtue
we established is the same. The practitioner whose xinxing has met the
standard will cultivate himself well and make larger contributions to
his Dafa projects.  

Let us let go of our egos and harmonize Dafa. No matter what it is, as
long as Dafa needs it, practitioners with relevant abilities and skills
should silently contribute to the effort and harmonize things. For
instance, if one has attachments when writing articles for a Dafa
website, thinking that it will be a waste of time if his article is not
published and questioning whether he should use the time to do other
more practical projects, it is the same thing as a student who studies
hard but is attached to whether he can get good scores. Looking at it
from another perspective, if we do not study hard, how can we get good

I often write articles and send them to Dafa websites. Occasionally my
articles are not published, but not getting published does not mean
it's not a good thing. I can take the opportunity to look inward and
see where I am still falling short in my understanding of the Fa. I
usually try to learn from experiences. When an article I wrote is
published after significant revisions, I review the parts that have
been modified to learn where my understanding is not sufficient. I take
other practitioners' opinions as references and hope to write better
articles next time. I have had many successes as well as failures.
Along the way, I have become more mature and stable. There is a saying
in ordinary people's society, "developing courage out of setbacks."
Dafa disciples also need to get rid of their attachments through

Although I am not a coordinator, I hold myself responsible for the
projects I am doing to validate the Fa. Therefore I am able to
constantly enlighten to higher principles in the Fa. Cultivation is not
to show how big one's achievement is and how capable one is. Only when
we can quietly assist and harmonize in each process, can it be called a
true improvement. Nothing we do is to show off to other. Everyone is
quietly contributing on his or her own. Master will see our efforts and
fellow practitioners will feel them as well.

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