Natural Disasters Will Follow after Criminal and Evil Acts are Committed

Zhou Tong

PureInsight | April 23, 2006

[] One of the
most severe sandstorms this year hit Liaoning Province on March 27,
2006. On that morning, the sky above Shenyang City turned a shade of
pale yellow. A strong wind blew in from the northeastern direction. The
air smelled of stinking dust. By the afternoon, the pale yellow sky
above Shenyang City had darkened, unexpectedly turning the sky from
brownish yellow to a tinge of red. The whole city's sky was a
frightening and gloomy red color.

Two weeks before that, on March 9, The Epoch Times
newspaper reported the shocking and appalling news that exposed a
concentration camp maintained by the government of the evil Chinese
Communist Party (CCP), in the Sujiatun Region of Shenyang City. More
than six thousand Falun Gong practitioners had been detained there. The
secret concentration camp is equipped with a "corpse incinerator." It
is reported that practitioners sent there were never seen alive again.
Their body organs were extracted for sale and their bodies were then

A number of witnesses soon stepped forward. Many bloody facts have been
revealed about the cruel and ruthless Sujiatun concentration camp.
According to a report from "The World Organization to Investigate the
Persecution of Falun Gong," the Sujiatun concentration camp in Shenyang
City, Liaoning Province, was built under the Liaoning Province
Thrombosis Treatment Center of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine.
The underground structure had originally been built for civil air
defense years ago. It has been functioning as a concentration camp for
Falun Gong practitioners since 2001. In 2002 the concentration camp
reached its peak in activities. A very large batch of Falun Gong
practitioners were sent there and detained there without any legal
process. Their bodily organs were removed and their corpses were
incinerated to hide any trace of them. Witnesses confirm that the
organs were removed from the practitioners' bodies while they were
still alive and described the procedures as "cruel beyond belief." Many
medical doctors and nurses involved in the process find it difficult to
live with what they have done. Some of them have committed suicide as a
result. Facing inquiries by overseas media, the officials from the
Shenyang City Legal Administration Department just answered, "So what
if it is true? What can Falun Gong do about it?"

Heaven above is watching! Good will be rewarded and evil will evoke
retribution! When the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners
commenced in mainland China, as the blood-thirsty crimes were committed
against Falun Gong practitioners, natural disasters began to plague
this evil land.

At the beginning of 2001, those Falun Gong practitioners who had
refused to abandon their belief in Falun Gong after they were detained
at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City were subjected to
cruel torture and persecution. It made those who know about the cruel
treatment boil with anger. Amongst the barbaric acts committed, 18
female practitioners were stripped naked and thrown into male prisoner
cells to be abused at will by the male prisoners!

In 2001, Liaoning Province suffered the worst drought in fifty years.
The Liao River stopped flowing for 103 days. All the smaller rivers in
the western region of that province stopped flowing as well. Of the 900
water reservoirs in the province, 351 dried up, and more than 25 large
cities suffered from water shortage. The daily shortage was 1.09
million liters and it affected 1.89 million people. The agricultural
land affected by the drought was about 33.56 million mu (1 mu = 0.067
hectare). More than 1.61 million farmers and 710,000 cattle and other
large livestock had difficulty finding water to drink.

In 2002, tornados and hailstorms hit Shenyang City and the center
region of Liaoning Province, the Sujiatun region and so on, which had
not happened during the preceding fifty years. The damage was severe.
In the month of July, the rainfall in Liaoning Province was medium to
heavy. The average rainfall in the month of July in Loaning Province is
58.3 mm (2.3 in.). In 2002, the rainfall in July was twice the average.
Together with the heavy rain, there were extensive tornados as well as
hailstorms with the biggest hailstones roughly 3 cm (1.2 in.) in
diameter. The most severe wind was blowing at 36 meters per second
(about 80 mph). It uprooted trees with trunks of 40 cm (15.7 in.) in
diameter, affecting many of the nearby towns and villages severely.
Thirty five towns and villages suffered severe damage in the Sujiatun
region. A total of 5,232 houses collapsed, resulting in one death. More
than 44,700 mu of farm land was damaged. Seventy-four power lines and
24 irrigation installations were also damaged. The electric supply grid
of the region was also damaged. With the severity of the storm, 300
power line poles were brought down. The estimated financial loss was
about two hundred million yuan (approximately US $25 million). The
continuous storm converted Shenyang City into a "water-logged city."

From 1999 till today, Liaoning Province hasn't spared any effort in the
persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The number of practitioners in
the province who are known to have been murdered by the authorities in
the province is 333, and is the highest of all provinces in the country.

According to weather reports, there were frequent thunder storms in
Liaoning Province during the year of 2005. Lightning killed 32 people
and injured 19 during the year, resulting in the highest number of
deaths and injuries since weather records have been kept. Liaoning
Province was also hit hard by tornadoes in 2005. Tornados affected five
regions, including Huludao, Chaoyang, Shenyang, Panjin, and Yingkou and
caused the death of five persons. The tornado that hit Wulan Heshou
village, Chaoyang County on June 10 was the most severe tornado
recorded in the history of Liaoning province, resulting in economic
loss of 18.18 million yuan (approximately US $2.5 million).

In August of the same year, there were heavy to violent rainstorms in
Liaoning Province, causing severe flooding over a large area, including
Shenyang City, which had rarely happened in history. Sixty-eight
reservoirs overflowed. Violent storms hit the Shenyang City Liao River
and Hun River basins with some areas therein experiencing extremely
violent rainstorms. The local newspapers reported that such rainstorms
had never been experienced in a hundred years.

The violent storms led to the worst flooding since 1995. Many regions
were struck with rainstorms in the mountains resulting in landslides as
well as railway tracks and highways being washed away. In Liaoning
Province, seven major cities (Shenyang, Fushun, Benxi, Tieling, Fuxin,
Chaoyang, and Huludao), thirty six counties and towns, and 245 small
towns and villages were flooded, affecting 1.35 million people. 
Twenty thousand one hundred houses collapsed in the flood, with four
people killed and 33 people missing; 137,600 hectares of farmland were
also affected, with 71,100 hectares inundated. Eleven sections of the
railroad were broken up, and 252 locations on the highway were washed

Some of the villagers recalled that the flood water came very rapidly
and with extremely damaging strength, resulting in the fence walls and
houses in the low-lying areas being washed away in a flash. The water
rose to three or four meters in a very short time, and submerged all
the houses in the village in no time! After the flood, the local
reporter saw many collapsed houses, some with only the roof left,
others with only the framework, and the sand and mud washed from the
hills covered much of the courtyards as well the houses in Weiziyu

The crimes of the humans that led to the destruction of the towns and
cities are not stories like the Fables of the Arabian Nights! According
to the "Holy Bible," Jehovah saw the crimes of mankind becoming worse
and that they were thinking of evil things the whole day, and regretted
the creation of mankind. He said: "I will cause a flood on earth,
destroy the earth, and every creature on earth that has flesh and blood
shall not survive." Thereafter, the flood came, "the source of the
great pools, all split open, the windows in the sky also opened wide."
The great rain continued for forty days and nights. The water level
rose higher and higher. The high mountains on earth were submerged. All
life vanished from the earth. The great flood persisted for one hundred
and fifty days. This is the famous story of Noah's Ark.

Today the yellow sand rolling about on the road sides in the ancient
silk route have covered many of the ancient bustling cities. Xuan Zang,
the monk in the novel "Records of the Western Regions during the Tang
Dynasty" noted such a story:

In the north of the ancient nation of Tian was an abundant city-state,
known as Helaoluojia, that was happy and peaceful, but the population
did not believe in Buddha's Law. One day, a strangely attired roving
Buddhist monk appeared at a street corner. When the King of Helaoluojia
heard a report about the monk, he unexpectedly gave an order: Anyone
may throw sand on him to drive him out of the city. As a result, the
roving monk not only did not receive any alms or food, he was driven
away by all the people. But there was one sincere and kindly elderly
person who respected Buddha and showed concern for the monk and
privately provided the monk with food and drink. The roving monk said
to the elderly person: "Because the people of this city threw sand on
me to chase me away, they will all be punished by drowning. When I
leave this place, heaven will make sand rain down to inundate
Helaoluojia and all lives in it shall perish. You must quickly leave
this place."  

When the kindhearted elderly person heard the news, he immediately told
everyone, but no one took heed. The people ridiculed and insulted him.
Seeing that the people were beyond reasoning, he fled the city by
himself. Seven days after the roving monk left the city, at about
midnight when everyone was in dreamland, a sudden and violent sandstorm
accompanied by strong winds descended from heaven, and covered the
whole flourishing city-state in no time! Henceforth, Helaoluojia became
a sand dune and was forever embedded in the Taklimakan Desert (in
today's Xinjiang Autonomous Region)).

In the floating yellow sand of the Gobi Desert, the ancient story seems
like a fairytale. However, this story might foretell what will happen
to Shenyang.

On March 23 of 2006, the Forestry Department of Shenyang City released
an official report stating that the city of Shenyang is only 48
kilometers from the desert. In 2000, the city was reported to be 100
kilometers from the desert.

In the short span of six years, the distance between the city and the
desert has been shortened to less than half. The desert is now closing
in on the city! Six years ago, the closest distance from the desert was
the Kangping region, but today it is Xinmin. During spring, when the
sandstorms are most severe, visibility is reduced to eight meters.
After the sandstorm abates, wave-like patterns of sand form on the
ground. That is the portrait of the desert at the edge of Shenyang
City. Furthermore, the more frightening aspect is that the floating
sand has taken up space along both banks of the flood plains of the
Liao River. According to the report by the Forestry Department of
Shenyang, there are about 96,500 tons of "sand and dust" at Xinmin.

Today, the land outside of the three major traffic rings around
Shenyang city is all desert land. In 2001, countless crows showed up in
Shenyang. No one knows where they are from. They are there as if as a
precursor to a misfortune! Shenyang could become a dead city in due
course. The misfortune of Helaoluojia city is rapidly advancing towards
this land that has massacred people who believed in "truthfulness,
compassion and forbearance."

The flood that inundated Liaoning Province in 2005 was even worse than
the major flood of 1995. In 2006, the blood curdling brutal acts of the
CCP are exposed to the world. The red dust and sand has enveloped
Shenyang region again, revealing the inherent blood-thirsty nature of
the CCP. The implied significance is quite obvious. The will of heaven
is clear; the net of justice is extensive! Brutality cannot be
tolerated in human society. "If the humans do not wipe out this evil,
heaven will!"

Finally, let the poem "Havoc" by Mister Li Hongzhi be a warning to the people of the world:

Dim, dim dark clouds, murky for several days

Severe cold completely gone, spring already seen

Living beings awaken and see heart-stirring things

The Central Plains half covered by sand and dust   

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