Validate the Fa with a Righteous Mind

A Dafa Practitioner from Taiwan

PureInsight | June 5, 2006

[] After reading the article "Feedback on 'To Fellow Practitioners in

 Daqing,'" I want to urge fellow practitioners to use righteous
thoughts to validate the Fa. In the article, the fellow practitioner
mentioned that although it was known a phone number in a persecution
case was wrong, the wrong number was still spread over and

over again. It might cause us lose the chance to rescue our fellow
practitioners. At the same time, it also might cause the local evil
policemen to lose their chance to hear the truth and allow the evil to
become more rampant.

In some provinces of mainland China, many fellow practitioners have
done a good job to expose the persecution, and we are able to directly
talk to many evil policemen there who have persecuted Falun Gong. 
Sometimes during our phone calls we can stop the angry evil policemen
from screaming, and we can make those who seem incurable quit the CCP,
and so on. Since we are clarifying the truth with righteous thoughts,
when Master sees our righteous thoughts, he will strengthen us and give
us wisdom to expel the bad policemen's evil thoughts and attachments.
As a matter of fact, many evil policemen dare to persecute our Dafa
practitioners because they have not had the chance to hear the truth.
Therefore it is crucial to clarify the truth to them.

I cherish every phone number in every case of persecution, because it
is so difficult for fellow practitioners to obtain the precious
information under the evil and high pressure environment in Mainland
China. In order to make people in various law enforcement agencies in
every Chinese province hear the truth, I take very little time to eat
every night. I have an ordinary job, my husband is not a Dafa
practitioner and I have to take care of two kids who are both
practicing Dafa. I have to balance everything well.

I make arrangements to introduce Dafa to my relatives, friends and
colleagues in an orderly manner. I often write articles for Dafa
websites. During the Chinese New Year, people usually spend the holiday
with their family and eat a reunion meal together. But during the last
three Chinese New Years, I went to Hong Kong to help fellow
practitioners there clarify the truth. I am writing this down not for
showing myself off. I regard myself as a part of Dafa and consider any
matter concerning Dafa as my own matter. Since we came to help Master
rectify the Fa, we should save sentient beings well. Therefore we
should use righteous thoughts to validate the Fa and should not be
careless at all.

Dafa practitioners are an indestructible and harmonious as a whole. But
the evil is intently looking for places where we have omissions.
Therefore again, no matter whether we are in Mainland China or
overseas, we need to use righteous minds to validate the Fa. When we
are of one mind to clarify the truth, we can save more sentient beings.

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