What Dongdong Saw with Her Celestial Eye

PureInsight | May 28, 2006

[PureInsight.org] Dongdong is a
young practitioner. With her Celestial Eye, she sees a shinning
heavenly book. This giant book contains all sentient beings of the
universe. All beings' good or bad deeds are recorded on it and Teacher
is in charge of this book. Teacher sighs when he sees gods in heaven
and humans reincarnated from gods do the wrong things.  However,
Teacher is pleased when he sees Dafa disciples have done good

Each page of the book contains the good and bad deeds done by every
sentient being. When a sentient being has done many bad deeds, he or
she will be sent to hell to let them see the bad things they have done.
The King of Hell will give him or her fair judgment.

As Dafa disciples begin their cultivation, each one's page will have
his or her picture drawn in dotted lines (It is because each Dafa
disciple may or may not reach consummation. That is why their pictures
are drawn in dotted lines.) If you are a Buddha, then the picture will
be drawn as a Buddha. If you are a Tao, then the picture will be a Tao.
The picture will be a god if you are a god. If one has done good deeds
and saves sentient beings, Teacher will put a √ mark and an x when you
have done a bad deed. When one reaches consummation, this page will
become a book. The first page of the book has Teacher's picture. The
second page has many magnificent pictures of gods. The third page has
your picture and your name in heaven before you descended to the earth.
It also records every good deed, hardship you had endured, and the
karmas of every reincarnation. It records the whole cultivation process
after you obtained the Fa, the sentient beings you have saved each day,
and deeds you have done that are not in accordance with the behavior of
a Dafa disciple. At the end, when you reach consummation, Teacher
writes concluding remarks and draws the picture of Buddha, Dao or god
depending on where you are going. After you return to your world, the
gods and sentient beings in your world will be very astounded and have
great admiration for you when they see the book. They will honor you a
great deal.  

This is what Dongdong sees from her level.

Translated from:  http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2006/5/21/37773.html

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