"Come to the edge..."

A Practitioner from Northern California

PureInsight | June 11, 2006

[PureInsight.org] I had a dream
the other night. My mother, my brother and I were walking down the
road. Suddenly, it came to an end. I looked down and saw that the road
was continuing very far down there, it seemed totally impossible to get
there. It felt like we were on the edge with nothing around or behind.
The next moment I found myself jumping down only to discover that in
reality that road was very close, like maybe going one step downstairs.

Amazed, I turned back to my waiting relatives and cried: "Don't be scared, in reality, it is very close!" Then I woke up.

Usually, I don't see "real" dreams or maybe forget them after waking up but this one was really vivid and realistic.

Then a long forgotten quote which I really liked at one point of my
life before I started my cultivation in Falun Dafa came to my mind. It
is from Guillaume Apollinaire, a well known French poet:

"Come to the edge," He said. They said, "We are afraid." "Come to the
edge," He said. They came. He pushed them... and they flew."

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