Evil Policemen Fear Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts

PureInsight | August 13, 2006

[PureInsight.org] The policemen
in my town recently illegally detained two elderly Dafa disciples, a
husband and a wife, after they found Dafa materials in their
home.  The husband found it difficult to bear the pressure but
didn't want to say anything. In the end, he said, "I don't know
anything. Why don't you talk to my wife?"

The elderly female Dafa disciple had been detained for several days.
She was very steadfast and refused to acknowledge the evil persecution.
She only had one firm thought:  only righteous thoughts can stop
evil and eliminate the persecution.

She clarified the truth to a policeman with wisdom.  But the evil
policeman didn't want to hear the truth and planned to torture her with
an electronic baton.  She wasn't afraid at all and sent righteous
thoughts, thinking, "If you beat me, you will bear the pain." 
When he hit her with the electronic baton, the policeman was indeed the
one who experienced pain instead.  The harder he hit her, the more
pain he experienced.   After several times, the evil
policeman couldn't bear the pain any more and was sent to the hospital
for treatment.

Another evil policeman came.  The evil policeman said to the
female Dafa disciple, "Don't send righteous thoughts.  When we
beat you and persecute you, it is to test you." The Dafa disciple said,
"You don't deserve to test me.  I won't allow any persecution
against me.  Please know the truth and leave here soon." 
Upon hearing this, the evil policeman immediately changed his tone,
"I'm not here to persecute you.  I'm only here because of my job.
I am just putting on a show and letting the time pass."

This anecdote quickly spread in the Public Security department in our
town and made people see the power of Dafa.  Soon the two Dafa
disciples were released.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2006/7/5/38407.html

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