Is Our View of the Media a Gap in our Truth-Clarification Efforts?

A North American Practitioner

PureInsight | September 24, 2006

[] Recently, I
have seen a few instances where efforts to clarify the truth to the
public at large, using mainstream media such as newspapers, radio
stations, and TV, seem to have hit a brick wall.  The Kilgour
Press Conference in Washington, D.C. is a prime example, I believe.

I have asked myself, is this because we are relying too much on the
media, believing it to be our hope for ending the persecution? 
Are we thinking, "If the TV stations would just broadcast this story,
then so many millions of people would hear about it, and the
persecution would have to end!"?  

And, if that is what we are thinking, isn't that precisely why it hasn't happened?  

If we are thinking that the media, a group of ordinary human beings, is
going to save us, then that is a huge gap in our thinking.  Don't
we need to save them?

When we contact the media for these types of events, are we truly
thinking, "These people need us to save them!"?  Or, are we
thinking, "I hope they are really going to come so that more people
will find out about the persecution."?

If we can approach the media with only the thought of saving them, of
clarifying the truth to them and giving them a chance at salvation,
then maybe our efforts will be more fruitful.  They are not here
to save us, that's for sure!

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