Witness to Human Hearts: Hotline Recordings from a Service Center for Withdrawal from the CCP (Part 1)

A Dafa Disciple from Canada

PureInsight | November 12, 2006

[PureInsight.org] At the Global
Service Center for Withdrawal from the CCP, we started a 24 hour
hotline service early this year. Whenever we receive a telephone
contact signal from Mainland China, we call back right away. Especially
since the CCP's crime of organ harvesting from live Falun Gong
practitioners for sale was exposed in March, the number of signals that
people in Mainland China send through "Little Helper" key #3 to request
contact from our Global Service Center for Withdrawal from the CCP have
increased a lot. Through telephone conversations, we have learned that
some people are very angry about the CCP's evil crime and asked to
declare their withdrawals and break away from the CCP immediately. More
people are still skeptical and have questions, but after receiving
explanations and answers, a lot of them also want to withdraw. Of
course, some people threatened and cursed us, but the number is very
small. The following are some telephone call recordings that I've
selected to share with fellow practitioners.

â—Ž As soon as I called back, a person from Shenyang City directly asked
me "Is the thing that supposedly happened in our Sujiatun, Shenyang
[about organ harvesting] true?" "Absolutely!" I answered. Before I
finished relating the whole happening and the evidence, he shouted in a
loud voice, "I want to withdraw from the party!" I felt that it was a
call coming deeply from his heart. The evil party's crime and violence
were beyond his tolerance. I asked what name he wanted to use, he
replied right away: "Surname Chen, Zheng as in right, and Gao as in

â—Ž A farmer from Shenyang City told me, " I just listened to the
telephone broadcast about the incident at Sujiatun, but didn't hear
clearly. Can you tell me more about it?" I explained the details of
events at Sujiatun and talked about the crimes CCP had committed in
history and how it has been lying and persecuting the Chinese farmers
during the last several decades. During the time I clarified the truth,
he kept on cussing the evil party. He called the CCP "bastard." He
said, "What a CCP, it's totally a mafia! It is black-hearted and cruel
to us ordinary people. It's totally vicious, ruthless, and corrupt. The
officials only care about grabbing profit for themselves. Officials are
all in bed together, from the high-ranking ones to the land manager in
our village. In our eyes, there is not even one good official in the
(evil) CCP. Whoever gets an official post will grab money for himself
and then leave after getting rich. Another one will come and continue
to grab for money. Which one is not corrupt? They are all scum and
should be killed." He became angrier and angrier as he talked and kept
on cussing. After I told him about "Heaven eliminates the CCP" and how
the Nine Commentaries had started the big wave of 9 million people
withdrawing from the party (note: 9 million was the number when the
call was made. Now more than 14 million people have declared their
withdrawals from the CCP on the Dajiyuan website.), he immediately
said, "There is no need for you to say anything more, I will break all
relations with this "party of dogs.' My name is Wang, please help me
withdraw from the Young Pioneer, the Communist Youth League and the
CCP. There are also several brothers of mine, Zhang Hongguang, Old Liu,
Liu Yanghan, Li Wang, please take care of all five of us."

â—Ž After calling a phone number in Guangxi Province, I asked the person
who answered the phone if he was the one who had just pushed the key
looking for me. He said that it wasn't him, as he had just gotten into
the office. So I said, "It's time for us to have a talk and I will tell
you some shocking news." He listened to me carefully. I realized that
he was working in an organization that is directly affiliated with the
party. So for his safety, I tried to avid the use of sensitive words.
Whenever I paused a little, he would quietly say, "Is there anything
more?" I talked to him for about one hour, during which time I lost
count of how many times he asked me, "Is there anything more?" At last,
I asked him to use the last three numbers on his telephone as his alias
and declare his withdrawal. He quietly replied, "OK."

â—Ž A middle school student from Jiangxi Province told me, "After
listening to the radio broadcast, I felt a little bit curious so I
pushed the key asking you to call back." I said, "Then let me call you
Mr. Curious." When we talked about Falun Gong, he questioned, "Why did
the Falun Gong practitioners commit self-immolation? It is written in
our text book." I took this as starting point and exposed the lies. He
understood and told me that a teacher he respected very much who
practiced Falun Gong had disappeared. He also said that his chemistry
teacher refused to join the CCP even though the leaders of the school
had tried many times to persuade him to do so. When his students asked
him why he didn't want to join the CCP, the teacher said, "Who want to
get into the dark nest?" I followed the topic and guided him, "Don't
you understand?  It's better to be like your teacher. The farther
you stay away from the evil, the better. Please withdraw from the
Pioneer Team and the Youth League. Do not be in the same league as
those evil people and follow in their footsteps." He agreed to do that.
After a while he said, "I will hang up now. My father came back and he
will criticize me." I asked him if he would tell his father what I had
said, but he said: "He won't listen." I was happy for the young man but
felt sorry for his father.

â—Ž    A businessman from Xinjiang Province bombarded me
with questions, "Don't you have anything better to do? Why do you call
me? Why do you tell me these things? How did you know my telephone
number?" I smiled calmly, "I am far away from you and how can I know
you? The phone call was made randomly and automatically, and this is
because of our predestined relationship!" He laughed, "Predestined
relationship?" After pausing for a little while, he said: "These days,
anything can happen in this world, even the organs from a living person
can be taken for money. But how does it have anything to do with me? I
have no time to care about these things. I was laid off from work many
years ago and just started a small business. I can barely put food on
the table. I lost interest in politics a long time ago."

During our conversation he also said, "I joined the Youth League and
the CCP at work years ago in order to get promoted and more money.
Right now, I just make money for the sake of making money. Life has
started to get easier now. What is the use of talking about these
things? Can it feed me?" I realized that this person's mind was filled
with how to make money and he wouldn't hear anything if I try to
clarify the truth of any kind, so I changed the topic and started to
chat with him. I felt that we were getting closer when we talked about
how one couldn't take money with him when he was born and when he died.

I took the opportunity to ask him, "Good will be rewarded with good,
and evil will be met with evil. This is a heavenly principle. Do you
believe it?" He answered: "Yes I do." "Do you believe that gods are
everywhere?" He said that he offered incense to Buddha every day at
home. I then asked him, "The evil CCP has done bad things to such an
extent. How could the gods fail to punish it?" He said, "Of course
not." I followed quickly, "If you don't declare withdrawal from it, you
are one of them. When the day the gods eliminate the CCP comes, you
won't be able to get out even if you want." He paused for a while and
seemed to realize something. He said, "This is actually kind of
interesting. So let's just follow your procedure and take care of the
matter for me." I suggested to him, "Since you believe in Buddha, I
will then use Xin Fo (believing in Buddha) as your name and it's pretty
safe for you."

He laughed again. He then said, "We have been talking for over an hour.
Your company is so rich." I answered, "You are wrong. I am a volunteer
from the Global Service Center for Withdrawal from the CCP. There are
many volunteers like me and we all use our own money to call people."
He said, "I had never imagined that there are still people like you
nowadays." I left him with one sentence, "Actually money is not the
most important thing. The most important thing is to save people."

â—Ž One man from Beijing sounded very arrogant and seemed to have some
important background. He said, "You claim that so many Falun Gong
practitioners have their organs taken when they were still alive. You
give me a list of ten people's name, and it's better if they are from
the Beijing area. I will go to verify in person. If I find out it is
true, I won't let the matter drop easily." I said, "The organ
harvesting from live people is still under investigation. There are
already lots of witnesses, evidence and clues for further
investigation, and they are very convincing. As for the specific name
list, it will be provided later. I can tell you how to break through
the Internet blockade and read the latest progress on the issue."

He said, "I don't get on the internet. I've already listened to your
broadcast and know the general situation. You said the CCP is corrupt
and I absolutely believe that, but there is nothing I can do. One of my
friends also practices Falun Gong. As for the organ harvesting from
live people, this is not a trivial matter. It is hard to believe. How
can this kind of thing happen? What year is it now? It's simply
incredible. When you have results from the investigation, tell me the
names and home addresses of the victims along with their ID card
numbers. You can also provide me the name list of those who have
disappeared. It is better if they are from the Beijing area. I will go
to their houses and verify one by one and I will also get police
personnel to go with me." In the end he said, "If it is true through my
verification, it will be very big issue. I am then going to question
them and protest against it!" He became more and more emotional as he

â—Ž A young man from Jiangsu Province who left his home to work in a big
city told me, "We couldn't survive in the countryside anymore and came
here to work along with other young people from our village." I told
him, "The Chinese taxpayers' money has either been stolen by corrupt
CCP officials or used for the purpose of making the officials look
good, strengthening the army and police system to kill and suppress
people in name of maintaining stability, and making deals to cover up
the CCP's crimes. The CCP is a corrupt and degenerate o mafia
organization. When people know the truth, no one will still want to be
a part of it." The young man wanted to declare withdrawal from the
Pioneer Team and the Youth League with the name of "Zhang Wu Jin." He
said, "Just like this name, I have no money and am suffering endless
bitterness." The girl who was listening next to him said, "Please
choose a name for me too." I said, "The CCP is so vicious and corrupt.
Society is completely unfair and people's morality has degenerated, and
you are living in that environment. Today, as you withdrew from the
Pioneer Team and the Youth League you have escaped from evil, just like
a lotus flower coming out of filthy mud yet remaining pure. Is it ok
for you to use the name of Xiao Lian (little lotus)?" She said, "It's

â—Ž My return call went to a college dormitory. A female student who was
a freshman in college said in the phone, "It's such a coincidence. I
was putting together an application to join the CCP when I heard your
broadcast from the Sound of Hope. There are things that I am not very
clear about, but my teacher asked us to submit the application for
joining the CCP." I said: "Today you are really lucky. You are facing
the choice of life or death. This is absolutely not a joke." Then I
talked from the flagrant crimes that the CCP had committed, such as
harvesting organs from live people, how the gods are going to eliminate
the CCP, and how one can save oneself by withdrawing from the party.
She said, "I have been the General Secretary of the Youth League at my
school since I was in the middle school. Teachers praise me and
classmates envy me and I feel pretty good too. Today you told me so
much. I have actually been deceived all these years. My father is a
veteran party member, but sometimes he curses the CCP at home and I
used to not understand it." From the conversation, I knew that she had
some understandings about what the CCP is, but still had some questions
and concerns, such as "which government does not kill people? Which
country does not have corrupt officials? Won't China be in chaos if the
CCP collapses? Will it count to withdraw from the party using an
assumed name?" I answered her question one by one. She said, "If it
were not for your phone call today, I would have submitted my
application for joining the CCP tomorrow." I replied, "Then you would
be sinking deeper and deeper into this rotten mafia and be buried with
it when the gods eliminate the CCP." She agreed to withdraw from the
Youth League and the Young Pioneer Team. She also said that she
wouldn't apply to join the CCP.

Since she had been a general secretary of the Communist Youth League
for many years and must have certain influence among her peers, I hoped
that she would help spread the "Nine Commentaries" and promote the
Three Withdrawals. I told her the story of the "Red-eyed Lion" and
asked her to help more people. She said, "I understand now. Tomorrow
could you please call back one hour early than you did today? I will
get more than twenty classmates in the dorm to come here, and you can
talk to them." I ended up not calling her back the next day. After I
shared the story with fellow practitioners, they suggested not to call
her back for the sake of her safety.

â—Ž An old man from Gansu Provine said that he was over seventy years old
and everybody was very clear about what the CCP is. He also said, "What
you said is all true, but when you see more and more, you will
gradually become numb. The ordinary Chinese people have no position and
struggle to survive everyday, so it's already good if they can live a
peaceful life. One thing less is better than one thing more." When I
explained to him about the CCP's elimination by the gods and people
seeking safety by withdrawing from the party, he felt it didn't have
much to do with him. He said, "When I was young, I had wanted to join
the party because of my self-pride, but my effort was not enough and
the party didn‘t want me. Although I once joined the Communist Youth
League, I didn't do any bad deeds and stayed clean. More than fifty
years have passed and it would be a joke to declare my withdrawal.
Besides, who would still know I had joined the Communist Youth League
several decades ago? Just let it go." I explained the mark of the beast
and the miserable situation one would fall into when the gods eliminate
the CCP. I said: "You also know that the gods are everywhere. When you
held up your fist and pledged yourself to that bloody flag, didn't the
gods know? This is not a trivial matter like a joke." He admitted that
it was true but questioned if it was getting into politics. I explained
why the three withdrawals were not being political and said, "You might
often tell your sons and grandsons to stay away from evil. I will help
you withdraw from the Communist Youth League with an assumed name. It
just like what older generations often said: if you are not strong
enough to put up a fight, the least thing you can do is to run away."
He repeatedly said, "Good, good. My nickname is Gou Gou. Please just
use this name and help me withdraw." At last, I told him, "For the
safety of your whole family, you should advise all your sons and
grandsons to withdraw from the CCP organization that they had once
joined." Again, he repeatedly said: "Yes, yes."

Translated from part 1 of:  http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2006/9/12/39955.html

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