Keep the Righteous Thoughts of Having Faith in Master and in Dafa at Every Moment

A Dafa disciple from Shan Xi

PureInsight | November 26, 2006

[] The issue of
having faith in Master and in Dafa has become increasingly important as
cultivation during the Fa-rectification period has come to the ending
stage. This is what our Fa-study group has realized deeply. In our
daily lives, and in our clarifying the truth and saving sentient
beings, whether we have faith in master and Dafa directly determines
our effect on saving sentient beings.

Every word and action, every gesture and move, and every thought of
Dafa disciples have been carefully arranged by the old forces and also
by Master. If we do not walk on the path Master arranged for us, we
will inevitably fall into the arrangements made by the old forces
without our even noticing it. As Fa-rectification proceeds forward,
every one of our thoughts has become a battle between the righteous and
evil, a test the Dafa disciple has to pass and a reflection of the
fundamental issue of if we have faith in Master and the Fa. Our human
hearts usually are in an inhibited state, but when they are taken
advantage and strengthened by evil spirits and rotten demons, or when
they are touched and intensified by the black minions, they will become
crazy and drag us down.

At this critical moment, only by following the standard of
truthfulness, compassion and tolerance, can we keep our righteous
thoughts. For example on the issue of sleeping, a slight slacking off
will allow the demon of fatigue to take advantage and make us feel
sleepy and hard to open our eyes when studying the Fa, feel muddle
headed when sending forth righteous thoughts, and hard to guarantee the
sending forth of righteous thoughts in the late hours of the night.
Through Fa study and measuring ourselves against the Fa's requirements,
we realized that the demon of fatigue is actually the evil spirits and
rotten demons that are taking advantage of our attachment of pursuing
comfort and interfering with us. So, we firmly eliminate the demon of
fatigue. We use righteous thoughts to eliminate the demon of fatigue
until it disappears. Now, our mind is clear and full of energy when
studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts.

On the issue of eating, when the thought of satisfying the mouth and
desire appears slightly, it will naturally develop into a state of
indulging in eating and drinking extravagantly, which will further
bring about a series of negative effects. Yet, if we have faith in
Master and the Fa, eliminate the demonic blockage and keep our hearts
on the Fa, we will be able to achieve the realm of "Eating, but caring
not about the taste - The palate's attachment severed."   

Working in ordinary human society, one tends to work automatically for
the sake of working and completely separate the ordinary people's work
and Dafa if one carries the human heart. If we have faith in master and
the Fa, and keep the Fa in heart, we will see our work and environment
around us as convenient opportunities for saving sentient beings,
naturally send out kind and compassionate thoughts, and make sure that
every word and action of ours will have the full effect of saving
sentient beings. Even when taking buses, walking on the streets and
passing by somebody without a chance to talk, we will still want to
leave our kind thoughts and compassion with them and pass our wish for
them to know the truth to their heart.

On the issue of husband and wife relations, a slight bit of human heart
will lead us to fall into the trap of human desire. This problem exists
even when both the husband and wife are Dafa disciples, and we often
use the legal marital relationship to cover up our attachment. Looking
at this from the standpoint of the Fa, we must get rid of the
attachment of desire and lust, or else, not only will we fail to reach
consummation ourselves, but we will also bring harm to the whole body.
Although there is no issue of lust between husband and wife, desire
does still exist. This issue has to be solved and can only be solved by
Dafa disciples on the Fa.  

On the issue of watching news, some practitioners are very interested
in various news stories. Under the control of the human heart, such as
curiosity, seeking knowledge, relying on others, they often spend time
that should be used on studying the Fa and doing the exercises on
listening to news, reading newspapers, or watching television, where
they unknowingly receive the poison of Party culture and even generate
the attachment of depending on ordinary people. Having faith in Master
and the Fa, we will follow Master's requirements and unconditionally
look inward, put Fa study and cultivation first, assimilate ourselves
to the Fa and reach the state of "Looking but caring not to see and
listening but caring not to hear" on those news media. We will measure
the ordinary news with the Fa and use it in clarifying the truth and
saving sentient beings, instead of satisfying our curiosity and pursuit
of knowledge and, especially, creating the attachment of co-dependence.

On the issue of educating children, we no longer feel bothered and
depressed like before when there are problems with our kids. Instead,
we continually look inward, cultivate ourselves and clear all the
interference by evil, so all the problems are solved easily. For
example, the child of one practitioner did something that annoyed the
couple very much, but they remembered what Master has said and looked
inward when dealing with the problem. When they found their own
attachment, the child who had never admitted his fault immediately
admitted his mistake on his own. The problem was easily solved.


When a practitioner is arrested, we no longer have as much fear as
before, when we have stopped doing things to validate the Fa and only
thought how to protect ourselves. Instead, we firmly believe in Master
and Dafa, put Dafa first, pay attention to our safety, and eliminate
the evil. We do not only continue working for Fa-rectification, but do
it even better.

Practitioner A takes time well to study the Fa and has been sending
forth righteous thoughts more than ten times every day. Even under
long-term monitoring by an evil Party member, she purchased a copy
machine. Whenever she has time she will copy flyers and truth
materials, and send or post them outside when she has chance. Because
of her strong righteous thoughts, her stubborn husband, who had been
holding a negative attitude and works at a critical division of the
evil Party, saw there was nothing he could do and had to accept her.
When being followed and searched by the evil beings in the process of
clarifying the truth, handing out flyers and mailing truth materials,
she could always keep righteous thoughts to stop the evil.

One day, she kept the righteous thoughts and went through a strictly
monitored entrance into a campus. When she was walking out after
spreading all the flyers, somebody noticed her and asked: "What did you
do?" She replied: "I didn't do anything." As she finished the sentence,
she realized what she said was not right and this one thought had a
problem. She thought, "I came here to save people, which is the most
magnificent thing. How could I say that I did nothing?" So, she added
right away, "I came for a very important and urgent thing." The person
didn't ask any more questions and did not move either. She got out of
the entrance with no problem.

Practitioner B has been doing the three things diligently. She spends
all her savings for Dafa and has lead several predestined people to
learn Dafa. One of them is a younger person who had cancer. The
practitioner taught her to recite "Falun Dafa is good." And "Zhen Shan
Ren is good." Feeling some effect, the patient was encouraged greatly,
so the practitioner further clarified truth to her and taught her to
study the Fa and do the exercises. As result, the cancer, which was in
fast progress, stopped growing and, instead, became smaller. Her family
also changed their attitude towards Dafa, and some of them started to
practice Falun Gong.

Practitioner C's work has been very busy, but she always finds time to
do the three things. She is now using the expertise Dafa has given her
to save sentient beings on a large scale. For safety reason, details
are omitted here.

No matter what a Dafa disciple encounters, the first righteous thoughts
should be having faith in Master and in the Fa. And to keep this
righteous thought in every moment, one has to continuously study the Fa
and cultivate.

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