Clarifying the Truth among Relatives and Friends during the Chinese New Year

Lizi Jian (Particle Sword)

PureInsight | March 25, 2007

[] As the
Fa-Rectification progresses, Dafa Disciples are maturing.  I have
experienced that.  For example, my wife and I visited the same
city this year and last year.  However, our mind of state, our
experience and our behaviors are totally different.

Last year my wife and I came to the city to visit relatives.  We
stayed here for almost 10 days.  However, we helped few people
quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated
organizations.  Nor did we share experiences with local
practitioners.  We simply talked about some random topics
irrelevant to the Fa-Rectification.

This year we are here again.  Our thoughts and understanding were
much more mature, especially the sense of urgency and responsibility
for saving sentient beings.  My understanding of how the
Fa-Rectification is done and how to handle my position in the
Fa-Rectification well has changed a lot.  

Fellow practitioners in my area shared the same feeling.  Whether
it is understanding of the Fa-Rectification, establishing family truth
material production sites, helping other practitioners' family material
sites, or writing and submitting experience sharing articles on the
Internet, we have all gone through elevation and a leap.  We have
truly assimilated into the Fa-Rectification.  We have truly

Once we arrived at the city, we took all opportunities to clarify the
truth to our relatives and families.  We shared experiences about
Fa-Rectification cultivation with fellow practitioners.  We helped
them organize their family truth material production sites.  I
have also brought with me two laptops to play truth videos such as
"Walking between Heaven and Earth amidst Storms" frequently.  The
impact was good.

My wife and I first went to the home of one of her cousins.  We
gave their kids new clothes as Chinese New Year gifts.  After a
short period of small talk, we started on the main topic.  When we
knew that she had once joined the evil Chinese Communist Youth League,
I asked her whether she had quit.  She replied that she didn't
quit in school but quit on the Internet via help from a friend. 
Her family members have all quit it.  We were so happy upon
hearing it.  One reason was that our cousin had quit the evil
organization.  A second reason was that fellow practitioners in
the city had done well.  

Then we went to another cousin's home.  We initially planned to
clarify the truth to them.  It happened that there was another
three-person family watching TV together with our cousin's
family.  Our first thought was:  how can clarify the truth
now that there are so many people?  We then sat down and joined
the TV watching.

I kept thinking:  please, you guys (the other family) leave
soon.  Once you leave, I can then clarify the truth to my
cousin.  After a while, I thought why not ask this other family
about whether they had read Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
and whether they would like to quit the Chinese Communist Party. 
This would open up an opportunity for them to learn the truth in the
future.  Moreover, Master arranged us to meet them.  Weren't
they looking for the truth?  If we could tell them the truth more
deeply, it would be even better!

When we were watching TV, my wife started a conversation with them
about kids going to school.  I followed the conversation and said,
"Have you read Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party?"  They said they hadn't.  

My wife told them that we were Dafa Disciples.  We told them the
truth of the self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square, the great
spread of the Fa in the world, and the massive wave of quitting the
Chinese Communist Party.  Due to the evil Party's poisonous mind
control, they couldn't digest all that we told them right away. 
They had seen Dafa truth materials in the past and hadn't paid
attention at the time.  

This time they truly started thinking.  They brought up many
questions.  We answered their questions in details.  I felt
that their bad notions were cleansed during our conversations.  I
didn't push them to quit the evil Party organizations
immediately.  I allowed some room for them to think and
choose.  However, I trusted that they had learned the truth and
they would make the right choice in the future.

We talked with our cousins more after this family left.  They
easily made the decision to quit the Chinese Communist Young Pioneer
League (they hadn't joined the Party or the Youth League).  

We felt that it was no longer so difficult for people to learn the
truth.  Making the decision to quit the Chinese Communist Party
and its affiliated organizations has become easier.  Now when we
mention the truth, they are no longer afraid or surprised, as if they
had heard about the truth, more or less.  It's just some know
better than others.  Dafa Disciples' truth-clarification has
become deeper and more thorough.  

The death of the Chinese Communist Party is no longer a matter of time;
it's around the corner!  Dafa disciples should fully grasp
opportunities to save sentient beings during the final time.

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