Factors in Play on the Other Side

Bill Franklin

PureInsight | May 7, 2001

I had not been making any progress in my cultivation for a long of time. Every single task I performed, no matter how sacred it was, somehow felt like an ordinary and tedious chore of an everyday person. I could not feel the mighty power of the Fa behind me, and I seemed to have lost the ability to make judgements and decisions the way a Dafa disciple should on a variety of things. I also found it difficult to put my thoughts down on paper. Writing articles became a painfully difficult task that I forced myself to do. I felt that I was doing a lot of things wrong, and became very discouraged by the state of my own cultivation.

After I came back from the Los Angeles Experience Sharing Conference, I began to realize that one of my attachments was getting very strong. After having cultivated myself for so long, that attachment was hardly noticeable during the daytime. Yet it was wreaking havoc on the other side. In the evenings, I could see a manifestation of my attachment. I would see myself being submerged in water. There is a civilization and human beings beneath the water (it turns out that people can actually live underwater). That water is a manifestation of my attachment. I was submerged in that strong attachment that seemed to be endless. The force of the water was so strong that it could control the way I behaved. But that water-attachment was not me, because I refused to be willingly controlled by it. The way the water thought was not the way I thought of things. The sad thing is that human beings mistakenly consider all their desires and yearnings to be part of themselves. (A side note: later on I remembered that Master Li had said that a single point or aperture on the physical body of a human being, such as the mingmen point, would appear as gigantic in its own dimension as the sky here on earth. It is so big that it can lock all one¡¯s supernormal abilities. Using that as an analogy, my attachment only manifests itself on my physical body as a small area on my back behind my heart, yet in another dimension it takes on the appearance of an endless ocean of water that swallows me).

One of my travel companions died in an accident. He went to another planet, and I followed him. We were in a big room that looked like the space station. Yet everyone there was watching what was happening on earth closely. The perception of time was different between the two planets. Through an apparatus that looked like a telescope, one could see every single thing that has happened on the earth throughout its history in great detail with no time lag whatsoever. From that planet, time and space here on earth were not continuous but took on the appearance of a single point instead. When their mealtime came, out of habit I sat on the floor and leaned back. I began to read a copy of their newspaper, which recorded the events that happened on earth vertically through time. I began to read all the historic events that had taken place in the tumultuous country known as China, a country savaged by waves of wars since the ancient Qin Dynasty. In all these wars, those who died the bravest deaths were our people, i.e., today¡¯s practitioners. The most recent war, the Korean War, happened to be the war where the fewest of us had died. During those four years, as the battles raged, every year around five hundred of us had died. I did not double-check to verify the facts. It was just what the record indicated. The reality is that we had suffered so much in all our lives just for the chance to obtain the Fa!

I could not stop myself from crying again and again, and woke up crying yet again. I felt very sad and told myself that I should not waste the time that I had been granted for my cultivation any more. Otherwise I would not be able to live with the part of myself that is clear.

At that moment, my pager began to beep. It was 4 AM. A new page from a fellow practitioner arrived. But the time of the page was listed as 12 days ago. It was a subtle hint that I had fallen behind and also an encouragement for me to catch up.

The biggest lesson that I have learned from this experience is this: even while we are doing things for the Fa, we can not do things for their own sake. If our Xinxing has fallen down to the level of an ordinary person, then we would be doing things at the level of everyday people. We should not forget the teaching of Master Li of ¡°When one does things without pursuing for them, then one will always remain a part of the Dao.¡± Everything that we do, no matter what it is, has parts that will help us elevate ourselves. The only way for us to complete the task well is to learn what we are supposed to learn from it and elevate ourselves first. No matter how busy we are, we can not afford to slack off in our study of the Fa. We will fall behind the moment we stop studying the Fa diligently.

Don¡¯t be curious about what I saw. It is only a low-level dimension within the Three Realms that one could see as part of his or her cultivation process. In addition, there is always the possibility that a part of what I saw was due to 'transformation follows mind-intent.' Therefore it does not come close to the majestic and magnificent realms of the Fa described in the article ¡°On the Other Side.¡± But at the same time, I feel that what I saw is an indication of what is actually taking place as a part of the Fa rectification process. Master Li has said many times that everything that exists in the human society is very complicated, and things are not as straightforward and simple as they appear on surface. Other similar experiences taught me that the real causes of many things that have occurred on this side lie squarely on the other side.

We should not be pursuing these things. The only thing we should do is to study the Fa. All these things are the byproducts of improving one¡¯s xinxing. On the other hand, the different physical experiences that many practitioners have had at different levels of cultivation are manifestations of the Fa on the human level. These experiences have not been published in any sufficient quantity. Making them public should help to eliminate the energy field constructed by modern science, which believes in nothing other than physical matters in the most rudimentary and yet, for the time being, the most dominating way. It may bring positive benefit to the cultivation of all the practitioners if we could share some of our actual experiences along with the resultant improvement in our xingxing and understanding of the Fa on the PureInsight Website. Maybe this is how the path for the new science begins.

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