Visions of the Future Human Civilization

Wang Xinyu

PureInsight | May 28, 2001

What will unfold in the future lies outside of the boundaries set up by the way today’s people think at this time. It exceeds the imagination of today’s people.

Part I

Division of the Human Races

Humans in the future will be divided into several general racial categories. Races will no longer be allowed to mix. People’s skin colors will change. The skin of a black person might turn pink, and the skin of a white person might turn yellow or green.

Is this vision a fragment of someone’s wild imagination? Or is it a joke? People will be blown away by what they will see with their own eyes.

Part II

The human society of the future will be a very beautiful and happy place. People will no longer worry about finding food and shelter for themselves. Food will grow on trees.

The life expectancy of a human being will become extremely long. Living for eight hundred to a thousand years is not out of the question. People today carry a lot of karma, and therefore have to be reincarnated every hundred years or so.

The physiology of human beings will change. Everyone will urinate with his left foot, and defecate with his right foot. The outlets that one’s body uses to dispose the waste will be completely separated from one’s sexual organs. The current method is too dirty.

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