Brush Off the Enshrouding Dust: Teacher Coming Down to Human World

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | May 2, 2007

Note: This article is from my recollection. It is the recollection of
my various states and the process of coming down to earth. What is
described here is hard for non-cultivators to comprehend. To them, it
is inconceivable. Many people have experienced similar recollections.
But because of the passage of time and being buried in this deluded
human world, they consider their past experiences to be fairy

On the morning of April 23, as I was meditating as usual, I entered a
meditate state. I saw a remarkable scene. I am sorting out what I saw
to share with fellow practitioners and those who have predestination.

The whole celestial body has many different levels. For example, an
atom is composed of electrons and a nucleus. Many atoms make up a
molecule. Molecules are the basic unit of material. All materials are
composed of molecule in general. Various materials make up the earth.
Many celestial bodies make up solar system. The Milky Way Galaxy is
made up from many celestial systems like our solar system.

A universe is composed of many galaxies, as we know today. Humans
basically recognize this. Teacher has told us that three thousand such
universes compose the second layer of the Universe, and three thousand
second layer universes make up the third layer of the Universe, and so
on. Thousands of layers of such universes compose one celestial body.
And thousands of such celestial bodies compose a cosmic space. The
Three Realms that people refer to are within our Milky Way. It can be
seen how small the Three Realms are. What human can comprehend is even
smaller and is so pitiful.

Why do I mention space? It is because this article will begin with this
cosmic body. Actually, even this level of cosmos is like a drop in the
ocean compared to the vast cosmic body. The secret of this celestial
body is unfathomable.

The great enlightened being has many "children" around him at his
level. These "children" are not children. They look like teenagers and
are enlightened beings. The great enlightened being feels he has
created all things. Actually, there are even higher levels of
enlightened beings. When he wanted to create a celestial body, he
called together his "children." He taught them the Fa and said to them:
I want to create a celestial body below us and I need gods to create
the world and manage all living creatures and maintain this Fa. But I
want to tell you that once you get down there, you will not be able to
get back. All of your memories of this level will be erased once you
get down to the lower level. Only wisdom and the  ability to
maintain that level in the cosmos will remain. In order to support the
sentient beings and the flourishing of the universe and to maintain the
Fa at the level, you go down there now! At the critical moment, you
will see a good omen, which you are unable to see at your current
level. Your problem will be solved at that moment. He finished talking
to them with a heavy heart. Because he knew they wouldn't be able to
get back to Heaven, unless they practiced cultivation. It is not an
easy thing for a god to go down. Usually, only those gods who had
broken the decrees of heaven were sent down to lower levels. At this
time, many gods were covered with gong and sent down. It is actually
quite easy for a high level enlightened being to create a great scope
of universe. It is a manifestation of  the wisdom and ability of
great enlightened beings.

Let me describe something just one of these worlds. There were three
goddesses who were being covered with gong by that god and sent down to
a lower level when the celestial body was created. The covers became
the material for the lower level when they came down. Although the
cover was made of gong, they became the material of the lower level. In
order to create the celestial body, the cover needed to be opened. They
had to shatter the cover with all their strength. This is the first
step for them to become the master of that celestial body. It is like a
chick needs to shatter the shell of the egg to get out. The three
goddesses used all their might to shatter the cover. The shattered
fragments became the basic material for that celestial body and the
sentient beings.

Let me talk about the three goddesses in simple terms and called them
the eldest sister, the second elder sister, and little sister. The
eldest sister had the greatest wisdom and experience. The second elder
sister had the great compassion, and the little sister possessed the
greatest supernormal ability. There are different emphases for creating
the great enlightened being for that universe. Besides, life in the
universe is colorful and prosperous. That is why, besides the external
forms, the appearance, temperament, and abilities of these created gods
were different, even at the same level.  Because there were
negative elements at this level, there existed a situation of
interference s. That is why beings need to cherish what they have
obtained. They all could safeguard well and did their best to take care
of their universe. They received honor from other gods. They continued
to create different celestial bodies and sentient beings below them,
level after level, such that their universe became extremely rich and
exceedingly colorful.

Many years passed. One day, they saw an impure thing in heaven when
they watched the sky with their divine eyes. They were very surprised.
They used their supernormal abilities to clean it out, but it
reappeared afterwards. It seemed like the thing had a root from a
higher level. The same thing had also happened to the other celestial
body they had created, although the sentient beings there could not
detect it. Later, the nature of sentient beings deviated. This was what
they worried about the most, because it signified the danger of
disintegration of the universe they had created. It was most worrisome
to the compassionate goddesses as they had exhausted immense
painstaking efforts to create that cosmos and sentient beings. To
safeguard the Fa, these goddesses would set aside and abandoned
everything. Just at this critical moment, they saw, with their wisdom
and supernormal abilities, an auspicious cloud coming down at the far
end of heaven. Then, there was a very splendid sound of music. It was
like heaven had open up a door. After the sky was bedecked with very
rare beautiful flowers, a huge Buddha sitting on a gigantic lotus
flower disk slowly descended from space. They then remembered that the
great enlightened being had told them about this before they left. They
thus led other gods to kneel to greet the Buddha to be born into the

The Buddha said in a clear loud voice: "Because the universe has
deviated, I will go down to the human world to rectify the Fa and save
the whole universe and all sentient beings. Those of you who are
willing to save the cosmos and sentient beings can come with me." At
this time, the great Buddha had an item looking like a book in his
hand. Many gods from various cosmos showed indifference and many gods
chose the three goddesses to represent them. Thus three of them came
forward with heshi and said: "We are willing to follow you to go down
to earth. If we can save the cosmos and sentient beings, we will not
care what will happen to us." The great Buddha recorded what they said
in the book. It thus created a sacred vow to help Teacher to rectify
the Fa, save sentient beings, and eliminate evil to defend Dafa. Other
gods also signed their vows. Fa-rectification is to rectify every thing
that is devious.

Many unrighteous elements from different levels then formed a force.
They wanted to safeguard their devious motives and therefore
painstakingly arranged many things, even the thought of every life. In
order to influence the Fa rectification, they took advantage of these
gods who had mercy for all sentient beings and were eager to obtain the
Fa, and had them sign many vows. These vows claimed to allow those who
had signed the contract to suffer many tribulations or even to
interfere with the cultivation environments when Dafa was passed on in
this human world in order for them to reach enlightenment.

It wasn't easy to come down to lower levels. They would become deluded
and their wisdom and supernormal ability shut down slowly. It was very
sad for these gods. The eldest sister once had signed a contract with
the ruler of devils to use sentimentality to create tribulation for the
human and interfere with the cultivation of Dafa practitioners. In the
beginning, she didn't have strong sentimentality. Later she made a
mistake in a sexual relationship. When she wanted to return from her
error, many gods from the old cosmos didn't want to let her go because
she had signed a contract. They utilized those beings who had
resentment against her from many samsara, to use sentimentality to
persecute her. She was in great pain during that time. Later, she
continued to negate the agreement she had with the evil. With the help
of a friend, she met the little sister. With joint efforts, she
thoroughly shocked the evil off  from their persecution.

When they approached our small universe, they were separated for some
time. Later, they successively reincarnated in the human world and
started the human culture with Teacher. At the mean time, they laid the
foundation for their cultivations and the saving of sentient beings.
They had created a predestined relationship.

(Author's Postscript: The content of this article is what I have seen
personally at my level. I didn't put any finishing touches on it.)

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