Don't Forget to Cultivate Your Heart During Truth Clarification

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PureInsight | May 9, 2007

[PureInsight.Org] Clarifying
truth is saving people. So it is a big thing. Sometimes, when the
opportunity comes, you do not have time to prepare for it. It usually
does not work well when you have human notions during truth
clarification. Instead, if you have a peaceful and righteous mind, the
situation will become "After passing the shady willow trees, there will
be bright flowers and another village ahead."

One time, I was presenting a product to my customer. There was a short
break during my talk. One customer mentioned Jiang XX and even joked
about it. At that moment, I wanted to clarify truth to him, but I did
not know how to say it or even how to change the topic. In a few
seconds, I missed the opportunity. I felt depressed and very stupid.
After a short period of time, I realized that blaming myself was not
good. It would dampen my enthusiasm.  The most important thing was
to learn a lesson from it. During the break, I looked inward and found
that my heart was too anxious. Besides, the truth material I had read
was insufficient and the content was not rich enough.  Therefore,
I did not know how to say it and I lost that opportunity. But I would
have many opportunities to talk to them. As long as my mind was
righteous, Master would arrange the opportunity for me. Sure enough, a
few days later, I successfully clarified the truth to them.

One relative who studies on another city usually came home only a few
times a year. Even though he was home, we might not see each other. In
my mind, he is a person who is only interested in reality, who always
looks for fame and benefit. In 1999 when the evil community party
started to persecute Falun Gong, he even lectured me in an elder's
tone. I told him, "You did not know anything. You do not have the right
to lecture me." Since then, there was a small part in my heart that did
not like him.

During the Chinese New Year holidays, I ran into him when I visited
relatives. But I felt that I did not have much to say to him. Even
though I felt that way, I still brought him the truth materials. He
said that he needed to go home. I told him that I would visit his home.
He said that he would wait for me at home. After that I went out to
take care of things. Then I went to his home and the door to his yard
was closed. I thought that the door should be open during the daytime.
Maybe he went out because he could not wait any longer. I thought that
he did not keep his promise. The second day, he returned to school.
After that, I found out that his family has the habit of closing door
during the day. He had several neighbors who are Dafa practitioners.
They also clarified the truth to him. But somehow, he refused to accept
it and he would even tear up the truth materials. I felt sorry that I
did not clarify truth to him. Maybe there were different reasons that I
did not do that. There were some reasons that I could not see and could
not change. Maybe he would have other opportunities to meet other Dafa
practitioners. I should still clarify the truth to him since I see him.
Therefore, I do not need to consider other facts. I only need to look
inward. There were human notions that stopped me. If I had had a little
more trust in him, I would have clarified the truth more clearly when I
saw him. I should not wait and reply on other people. When I visited
his home, I should have knocked on his door. If I had not had human
notions, the result might have been different.

On those days, I had another truth clarification experience which also
required me to remove human notions. One of my relative's daughters
just became a new mother. She lived at her mother's home so that her
mother could take care of her and her baby for the first month. When I
visited them, I told the young mother to withdraw from the Communist
Party using a fake name. I did not say much more. But I thought that I
explained it pretty clearly. At that time, she had guest at her home
and her mother was also there. I knew that her mother was very timid so
I did not say it loudly. I left soon afterwards. On the next day, her
mother came to my home and told me that her daughter did not have milk
anymore since last night. She also said that it is does not matter if
it is good or bad because it is her daughter's fate.  Her daughter
will not withdraw from the Communist Party.

Later on, I told her many things such as, "The Hidden Stone", "Red Lion
Eyes", "Nine Commentaries", and the total number of people who had
withdrawn from the c Communist Party. She became more and more scared
while she was listening. I asked her to tell her daughter about this
and told her that this will not bring troubles to her life.


When I heard that her daughter did not have the milk anymore, I almost
felt guilty. I did not mean to scare her. Instead I tried to save her.
Why should I feel guilty? This is first time that I thought that she
would withdraw but she did not want to. Maybe this is the arrangement
by old evil force to harm my heart to clarify truth. I will not stop
doing that because of this incident. From the other point of view, I
also did not do it perfectly. For example, I should first eliminate the
interferences in the other dimension, then clarify the truth with
openness and dignity on a broad perspective.

These are some examples of unsuccessful truth clarifying. Of course,
many people understood right away after truth clarification. After
that, I realized that we should follow our Master strictly to clarify
truth on the large scale without waiting and relying on other
practitioners. Some people heard truth from me and did not withdraw
from the party. But they might meet other practitioners in the future.
They will withdraw if they can be saved. Some people withdrew from the
party after I clarified truth to them. Maybe these people heard the
truth from other practitioners before. We are a whole body. As long as
we keep studying the Fa and cultivating our hearts, we will change our
environment around us while we clarify the truth. No Dafa disciple
should be relaxed.

Sometimes, you might meet some everyday people who look civilized on
the surface level. They say some dirty words. But they stop by to help
me. At this time, I will send righteous thought in my heart: Falun Dafa
is good. Please look for the truth quickly. Withdraw from the Communist
Party quickly. Sometimes when I pass by strangers on the street, I will
send righteous thoughts to eliminate the poisonous factors in their

Finally, let's use our Master's lecture to encourage ourselves together:


Hurry Up and Tell Them

"As Dafa disciples tell people the facts,

It's like sharp swords shooting out together from their mouths,

Shredding apart the rotten demons' lies.

Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them."

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