Divine Land Orchestra in Holland Inspires Huge Changes

Xin Ziming

PureInsight | May 6, 2007

[PureInsight.org] My parents in
China recently came to Germany for a visit. The following day we all
followed the European Divine Land Orchestra to Holland.  I had
clarified the truth to them before, in addition to talking to them
about Heaven wanting to eliminate the CCP and about quitting the Party,
the league, and the group. However, they were stubborn and did not
believe what I said and refused to quit the Party, just like a tough
piece of metal that is hard to melt. I tried to talk to them from many
different angles, using different methods, persistent truth clarifying,
and sending righteous thoughts, but I had not been able to break

The Divine Land Orchestra would stay in Holland for three days. On April
20, the orchestra members rehearsed in a big stadium. Participating in
the parade in the Chinatown of The Hague on the morning of April 21,
the performance from Divine Land Orchestra startled the audience. In the
afternoon, the float procession to celebrate the 60th Festival was 40
km long and had attracted tourists from all over the world.   

The Divine Land Orchestra was the first group to join the procession in
the town of Lisse. It was a fine day, with a warm sun, gentle breeze,
and clear blue sky. The streets were crowded with people. When the
orchestra lined up along the road side and was about to proceed, we all
waited quietly and sent forth righteous thoughts.  Looking at the
numerous eager spectators, we were filled with emotion: "After
thousands of years of reincarnations, they can finally see us here. The
Divine Land Orchestra will not let you down and will bring the beauty
Dafa to this city." Our orchestra moved slowly forward and the
magnificent powerful music inspired a lot of people, including the
children jumping and hoping in response to the drum beats Grown-ups
clapped their hands, took pictures, and the elderly stuck their thumbs
up. They had never seen a marching band so huge and the sounds so
magnificent! The sounds did not just come from the instruments, but
from the purity of our hearts. Everywhere the orchestra went, people
cheered them on.

The following day, the orchestra showed up in Amsterdam to celebrate
over 20 million Chinese who had awakened and quit the Chinese Communist
Party and all its affiliated organizations and to call on people who
hasd not done so make a correct choice during this historic moment:
Quit the Party and its affiliated organizations fast to secure a safe
and bright future.

My parents accompanied us for the three days of our orchestra's tour.
There was no need for me to add a single word. There was a tremendous
change in them.  They listened quietly when the practitioners
studied the Fa. They also thought seriously about important matters
during the practitioners' experience sharing. They clapped their hands
enthusiastically when practitioners rehearsed.  I was concerned
about their physical condition after a long plane trip followed by a
long car ride. I found out soon that my worry was absolutely
unwarranted. My mother got up early and did the exercises with the
group and sent forth righteous thoughts late at night.  She even
told me that she felt light and energetic! In an environment like this,
pure and kind, even pieces of metal would be melted. The more they
observed, the more they admired the amazing uprightness of Dafa.

Finally, when we were leaving, the director of the auditorium was so
shocked that so many of us ate and drank here for there days, yet the
auditorium was cleaner than before we came in.  The director
immediately announced that the door of this auditorium would be open
for us no matter when we returned.  

After the parade was over, the local police force was also astonished
because such a huge group would normally require many extra policemen
to maintain security. For us, we always consider others first and
whenever there is a problem, we can resolve it peacefully. At the end,
the police said, "You guys are incredible. No matter when you come
back, Holland will welcome you."

My parents were also shocked and said, "What a pity people in China
cannot see such a great performance! If anyone asks the people again to
quit the Party, are you quitting or not? We have no doubt that they
will immediately answer 'Of course, we quit!' "  

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/4/30/43580.html

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