Karma Induced by Butcher's Killing Causes His Reincarnation as a Pig and Bad Luck for His Descendants

PureInsight | May 24, 2007

[PureInsight.org] This story
took place in Hubei XiangYang, at the end of the Qing Dynasty. A man
made a living by butchering pigs. He had four sons and one daughter.
Three of his older sons learned butchering skills from him and the
family had an acceptable standard of living. After the death of the
butcher, his three sons continued to live on the slaughtering business.
One day they bought a pig and got ready to butcher it. Then they were
shocked to hear the pig say "Please don't kill me, please don't kill
me." They asked the pig whether it spoke to them a while ago. The pig
said:" Yes, I am your father. Don't kill me."

The pig continued:  "I was reincarnated into a pig, because I
committed serious sin by killing so many pigs while I was alive. Today
it was arranged for me to see you and convey an important message: quit
the butchering business and do something else."   

The pig died after making the warning. The brothers cried sadly and
buried the pig. They divided the property of the family and went their
separate ways. The eldest son became a rice dealer and the third oldest
son started a business selling clothes. The youngest son was still a
kid. The sister got married and lived with her husband. The second
oldest son was the only exception. He continued the butchering business
despite his father's admonition.

One day he bought a herd of pigs using his share of the inherited
fortune. When he was leading the herd on the river bank, a huge gust of
wind burst forth and caused a sandstorm that covered the sky. The wind
was so strong and pervasive that he could not even open his eyes. He
had no choice but to sit on the river bank and wait for the wind to die
down. The wind blew for 4 hours. When the young butcher opened his
eyes, he could see no pigs. He lost all the money he had invested. He
felt so regretful that he sat there crying and crying, until his eyes
were blind.

This was not the end of the story yet. Every member of the oldest son's
family died of some disease, with the grandma being the only exception.
The second oldest son was single all his life. Among the five children
of the third oldest son, two became crazy, one hanged himself, and one
committed suicide by jumping into a river. Even the butcher's
daughter's girl became a psychiatric patient (This happened in the
current era). The youngest son had no offspring and the two children he
adopted died. Aren't these consequences of the grave karma caused by
butchering and killing?

Since some of the descendants of the characters mentioned are still
alive, I did not use their real names in my description. The butcher I
mentioned is the grandpa of my father. The reason why I reveal this
family history is to remind people that reincarnation is a fact and
being kind or evil incurs differing consequences.

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/4/29/43565.html

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