Stories from Buddhism: Dao Long

Mu Mu

PureInsight | May 28, 2007

[] Dao Long was
a monk who was born in Wuzhou. He wandered many places and later
resided in the Nengren Temple in Jiangzhou. Dao Long's behavior was so
unique that he was given a nickname: The Mad Monk.

During the first year of the Shaoxing period, Dao Long went to Ruichang
and stayed the night in the Tianhua Temple. In the night a man said to
him in tears: "I did lots of evil things when I was alive. Now I've
been reborn as the head of a cow. My tail grew on my head and I look so
ugly. Could you please show your mercy and confess for me? Then I can
be free of the sufferings." On the second day, Dao Long went to Tang's
home in Roushan, the whole household went out to greet him and told
him: "We had a new-born calf with a tail on his head, which is very
strange. We are afraid of any calamity brought to our family because of
this. Can the master explain the reason?"

Soon after that the calf was brought in. He shook his tail when he saw
Dao Long, which made it seem like he was pleading something. Dao Long
scolded the calf: "This is the fruit of what you did before. Even
though you became a calf, your nature has not been changed. Haven't you
heard that 'The loud phrase hides opportunities and secrets' when the
Monk Weishan told the masses? If you understand, then you know what to
do next." The sky suddenly shone with bright light. Dao Long did the
confession for the calf. Then the creature followed him into the temple
while thousands of people were watching.

When the Chinese New Year's eve came, the calf suddenly died. On the
same night, the calf showed himself in Dao Long's dream and expressed
his appreciation. Together with other people, Dao Long then burned the
body of the calf.

From the Legends of Holy Monks, volume 9

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