Mission Versus Work

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | June 3, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Our
compassionate and magnificent Master has often expressed in many of his
teachings and articles that cultivation is not work. Cultivation is
cultivating one's heart and getting rid of various attachments. Working
for ordinary people is something from which we make a living and also
provides an environment to clarify the truth and build a connection
with everyday people. Cultivators usually started as everyday people
and then walked on the path of cultivation. Thus, cultivators often
look at matters from the everyday people's view point instead of from
the higher realm of Dafa. While cultivators get rid of their
attachments continuously, the human notions keep popping up and cause
interference. I am afraid that every practitioner has encountered such
events. If we can position ourselves and take the need of Dafa as our
number one goal, rectify our every notion and action, negate the
persecution from the old forces, and recognize our historical missions
and vows of assisting Master to accomplish the Fa rectification, we
will have no problem balancing the relationship between cultivation and

As for a Dafa disciple, the life of walking on the path of godhood is
the life of cultivation. Whatever we run across, we must resolve it
from a cultivator's perspective. The development of mankind as a
consequence of the sequence of events in human history is nothing but
preparation for the spread of Dafa. Thus, the planet Earth is a
gigantic field for cultivation.

In reality, cultivation is the only truly meaningful work for us and it
is profound and everlasting. It is different from the work of everyday
people in its essence. We are helping our compassionate Master in
offering salvation to sentient beings and eliminating the interference
from the evil Party and meddling deities and evil demons. Meanwhile, we
are also accumulating our mighty virtue and reaching consummation. As
Dafa disciples, what we should do is be making contributions toward
Master's creation of a new universe.

If we can behave like a cultivator every minute, having Dafa in our
hearts, we can overcome anything. I, for example, am not very diligent
sometimes, but I wake up in the morning and think immediately about
Dafa and cultivation-related matters with a clear mind. The first thing
I do is the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. It has
become automatic for me and also means that my whole being, both body
and mind, has assimilated into the Fa. I cannot go back and be a
everyday person, since doing the three things daily is so natural for
me.  If I don't do well, I am saddened. During the last leg of
Fa-rectification, the human notions are confronted more often.  I,
however, will take the Fa as my guide, cultivate diligently, get rid of
all my attachments, and do the three things well. The closer to the
end, the more diligent I should be. I will not let the sentient beings
in the universe down. At the same time, I will reach consummation and
go back with our Master.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/6/1/44181.html

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