The Sudden Realization that Nature is the Ultimate Beauty

Mei Yu

PureInsight | June 3, 2007

[] Being natural
is the ultimate attainment of beauty. We usually say that things
expressed naturally are all beautiful. Nature is not in a state of
disunity and without order. On the contrary, it must go through arduous
refinement to show its intelligence. It exceeds superficial skill and
is immersed in art. Body, spirit, and skill merge into one in its
expression. In this state, all expressions are exceeding refined.

A hairstyle done by a first-class barber will not look "done." A person
who knows how to dress has a harmonious appearance. If an actor is good
at his part, his performance will just be "right."  We can cite
many examples.

Skill is like that and so is cultivation. A cultivator will follow his
teacher's teaching to be a good person, to continue to raise his level
to a higher and more noble state, and always consider others naturally.
This is the true meaning of cultivation.

A performer will be successful if he or she does not purposely think,
"I must perform as such." A good cultivator will not do things to
promote himself and show others how well he or she cultivates. Every
thing needs to come from nature and genuineness. To attain this natural
state, one must cultivate away the bad stuff in order to expose his
true self. The true self is the path to return to one's origin. When
people pursue a certain result, he has already lost truthfulness. That
is because the mind of pursuit has already limited him in a frame. His
inner wisdom is sealed up that he won't be able to do thing well.

I am fond of natural and pure things. Who isn't? Then have I attained
my true nature? Do I have many impure things that people can see are
not beautiful and make them feel uncomfortable to be with me?

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