Cultivation Diary: A Different Childhood

Xiao Mai

PureInsight | June 23, 2007

[] It's sunny - June 13, 2007.

All parents have been invited to watch a performance by the children in
kindergarten.  The children are going to say good-bye to the days
of being preschoolers and become first graders. What is Mei Mei going
to perform? She kept that a secret and said she wanted to surprise us.

When I rushed from work to the school today, the children had already
started waving their little arms and singing on the stage. They sang in
big groups or smaller groups of two or three children.  Some of
the songs were very interesting and funny. The female principal was
sitting by the corner of the stage handing out props and two teachers
were directing the children from below the stage.  We, the
parents, were the audience and our cameras worked non-stop.

After the stage performance, there were outdoor activities. One of them
was throwing a balloon filled with water as hard as one can against a
wood board. When the balloon explodes and water sprays out,  waves
of  applause follow.

 An older American woman standing next to me and she came from the
South to visit her granddaughter. We started to chat. I said, "Looking
at them reminds me of my own childhood."

She said excitedly, "Your childhood must be a happy one."

I said,  "No, it was very sad. When I was in grade school my
grandfather was arrested. He was persecuted in jail for no good reason.
Have you ever heard of the Cultural Revolution?"

She said that she knew about that. "It was horrible. How is China?"

"Not any better, I am afraid. Do you know Tiananmen Square Massacre? Many students were killed. Now, it is Falun Gong."

The mother of her granddaughter came and said that she learned that
Falun Gong is a good cultivation system from the bookmark that Mei Mei
gave out.

I continued, "Right, the targets are us Falun Gong practitioners who
are being persecuted in China and their children are being turned into
homeless orphans."

They listened to what I said and became very angry, "That is too
horrible! Fortunately, you are not in China and your children will have
a happy childhood."

They continued to watch the games that children played and I sank right
into the memory of my childhood. I still remember that in a summer
night, my grandfather was dragged into the house with blood all over
his face.  I was in bed, ready to go to sleep, and my whole body
started to tremble and my teeth chattered.  Within six months, my
grandfather could not stand any more and committed suicide.  They
are right that my children are in America and have a happy childhood
that is beyond my wildest dream. What about the children of Dafa
disciples? They are still living in a nightmare and carrying tremendous
pain in their tender hearts.

 I cannot bear to think about that any longer. Good deeds and bad
deeds will have their consequences. Just like in the prophecies, all
the good and evil are taking place simultaneously and all beings are
making a choice at the same time.

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