Cultivation Diary: The Changes in My Physical Body


PureInsight | August 12, 2007

[] I often read
fellow practitioners' articles talking about the changes in their
health conditions before and after starting cultivation. For example,
they talk about having all sorts of illnesses before they started Dafa
cultivation. After cultivating for a while, all kinds of illness
disappeared and their body became light and healthy. To those who do
not cultivate this kind of phenomenon seems mysterious. However, it is
quite normal to cultivators. I have not yet specifically written
articles on my understanding in this area. It is not to say that I do
not have personal experiences. Actually the ultimate reason that I walk
on the cultivation path is not for the sake of improving my health. The
real reason is that I eventually found the true meaning of life, which
I have been pursuing persistently in the past. Therefore, I do not take
the changes in my physical body as the main purpose. Another reason is
that I never take the physical health as the biggest happiness. If a
person only lives for eating, drinking, playing, and having fun, this
kind of life has no meaning at all, to me.  

I had lunch today with my female friends and we talked about health.
When they found out that I only sleep six hours every day, they asked
me how I feel. I told them: "Don't you see that I look pretty good?"

I told them that my HDL (high density lipoprotein) exceeds the
"excellent" level. Someone said: "Yes, my HDL is high too. But my
cholesterol level is pretty high as well. These two standards are in
parallel. What is your cholesterol level?"

I could not remember the number of my cholesterol level at the time. So after I got home, I found my medical report, which says:

HDL (High Density Lipoprotein): 71 (Very Desirable: 60 or higher)

Cholesterol: 176 (Desirable: 199 or lower)

Blood pressure: 106/70

Obviously the indicators of my physical condition are in very good
shape. These numbers, as measures of health, are hard to get for people
over 40 years old.

I almost forgot what my health condition was like before I started
cultivation. I can only recall that, in those old days, my coworkers
used to call me "Lady Lin" (referring to a main female character who
was very delicate in the classical Chinese novel, A Dream of  Red Mansions).
I was in poor health and my appearance made it seem that I could not
even stand still in the wind. I did not like physical activities when I
was young. I used to read novels in bed until I fell asleep at
night.  In school, I was the one who took the most time off for
being ill. I had many illnesses such as stones in my urinary track, due
to insufficient water intake according to doctors. It was extremely
painful. Besides that, I had other sicknesses indicative of my fragile
constitution such as insomnia and backaches. I had some kind of flu on
an average of once per month. True, these were not severe illnesses. I
was quite fragile and felt tired easily even having had eight to nine
hours of sleep each day.

In the twinkling of an eye, it has been more than 10 years since I said
good-bye to "Lady Lin." Now I can fall asleep as soon as my head hits
the pillow. I wake up early in the morning to study Fa and do
exercises. My whole day is full of peace and joyfulness.

There are also times that I feel frustrated. But that is all caused by
the exposure of my attachments. Shortly after the uncomfortable time, I
calm down and look within to find my attachment. Then I remove it and
raise my xinxing level. Perhaps, people cannot see any big difference
between everyday people and us. If they pay close attention and
observe, they will find the difference. A non-cultivator thinks about
how to obtain something and he/she is afraid of losing anything every
day. In contrast, a cultivator often thinks about whether he/she is
still having attachments and looks inward to see what he/she has not
yet given up. This is a Falun Gong practitioner who cultivates in the
human world. From the surface, we look the same as others in every day
life. In fact, we are a group of beings who are completely different
from the ordinary beings.

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