Documentation of Cause and Effect: Heaven Favors a Simple and Pure Heart

Xiao Hui

PureInsight | August 19, 2007

[] In the well-known book Yuewei Thatched Cottage Notes,
there is a story about a rich man.  That rich man lived a
luxurious life. He rarely appeared in public and did not get involved
in others' affairs. He was not good at managing money, but he seemed to
have unlimited wealth. He was not good at taking care of himself, but
he did not seem to get sick. Once in a while he did not feel very well,
but he soon recovered.

One time, when a female servant of the rich man committed suicide, the
local security officials were very happy and spread the news near and
far. In addition, they reported this incident to the higher
authorities. Immediately, an examiner was dispatched to examine the
body. Lo and behold, when the officer was there, the female servant
started to yawn, stretch her arms, turn over, and sit up. She regained
her consciousness and was alive again.

The local authorities wanted to hear a confession from the female
servant that her rich master tried to rape her and she had no choice
but to commit suicide in order to keep her innocence. However, she
said, "My master has many wives who are all very beautiful, why would
he be interested in me? If he had possessed any interest in me, I would
have been so happy and honored, why would I commit suicide? Actually,
when I heard that the local government killed my father for no good
reason, I was so saddened that I no longer had the will to live. 
I don't have any other reasons." The local authorities were very
disappointed and left.

The rich man had other tribulations but they all resolved somehow like
this one. They said that the rich man was the biggest fool.  The
fact that he was so blessed could not be explained clearly by anyone.

One time, someone used sciomancy to try to resolve the riddle. The
finding from sciomancy was, "Everyone is wrong. Why is he so blessed?
Because he is a big fool. In his previous life, he was a farmer. He had
a simple and pure heart and he cared little about gains and losses,
bore no great love or hatred for particular things or people, and could
tell right from wrong. If someone insulted him, he would not fight
back. When someone deceived him, he would not become cunning. When
others slandered him, he would not get angry or take it out on someone
else. Once he was entrapped but he did not revenge. He lived the most
ordinary life and died in his straw hut without accumulating great
virtue. However, it is his simple and pure heart that Heaven values the
most. Therefore, he is so blessed this life. His foolishness and
innocence clearly indicate that his good nature remains and his good
inborn quality surfaces. It would be a great mistake to be suspicious
of his good fortune.   

After hearing the findings of sciomancy, half of the people believed it
and the other half did not.  I think that such an explanation
deserves to be pondered.

(from Yuewei Thatched Cottage Notes)

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