Reincarnation Series: A Nightmare from the Qin Dynasty

Jing Ran

PureInsight | September 13, 2007

[] My Present Lifetime

This happened a few months before the beginning of the persecution on
July 20, 1999. I had just started to recite the second lecture of Zhuan Falun
then. I recognized that it was not quite right for me to live with my
boy friend, but my father refused to give his consent for my marrying
him and, therefore, I had no other options but to maintain the status

One day, I suddenly heard the sounds of heavenly cranes and they were
very pleasant. I looked carefully and saw a picture of heavenly cranes
close to my bed with a rising red sun.  I knew immediately that I
had entered into a different dimension and the sounds of heavenly
cranes were the guiding force for me to enter this realm.

After this dream, I began to have an aversion to sex and I found it
disgusting. No matter how my boy friend tried to arouse me, I was
indifferent. He finally took me by force and I endured it minute by
minute. My emotional pain was indescribable and that scenario lasted
for about three months.  I did not know what I had done in my
previous lifetimes to deserve this punishment and why my suffering in
this lifetime never seemed to end.  What should I do?  I
asked myself again and again.

Finally, I could no longer bear it. I was trembling during the day
whenever I thought about the excruciating pain I experienced the night
before. I begged Master silently again and again to help us live
separately. Perhaps, because I had asked or meditated on it, Master
helped me to resolve our predestined relationship. Soon, due to
financial difficulty, we lived apart and were no longer  entangled
with each other. Occasionally, he came to see me, but not with the same
tender feelings as before.

A Regrettable Dream

More often than not, I asked myself why this should happen to me and
exactly what had I done in previous lifetimes to deserve such misery in
this lifetime. One time, I had a dream. In the dream, it was the Qin
dynasty; Emperor Qin Shihuang who wanted to live forever after he had
conquered all Six Kingdoms. He made a big deal out of seeking the
elixir and wished to live forever without cultivation.  A military
officer was assigned with absolute authority to oversee the Taoists,
masters, and alchemists from all over the kingdom. In addition, more
than one thousand young boys and girls were selected for the purpose of
making the longevity dan.

The military officer was young and arrogant - from the overwhelming
power.  Among all the youngsters, the prettiest was a girl in her
teens, Han Donger, who had beautiful big eyes and an innocent round

One day, Qin Shihuang became impatient and forced the people to give
him the longevity dan before it was ready. The Taoists, the masters,
and the alchemists all knelt down to beg for an extension. Qin left in
anger and said a few reproachful words to the military officer. 
The military officer turned around and said that everyone would be
killed if the longevity dan were not produced by a certain date. When
he got back to the house and saw Han Donger, he raped her right in
front of the statues of gods.

Qin Shihuang was a very temperamental tyrant. Because of his
impatience, he was so irritated that he killed all the Taoists, the
masters, and the alchemists for failing to meet his deadline. All of
them were thrown into the rolling river including Han Donger. Sitting
on a straw mat, Han Donger, with tears in her eyes, looked at the
officer and was hoping that he would save her.  However, although
he might have felt some slight remorse, but he did not save her. Within
minutes, she sank into the river and vanished.  In the vast cosmos
and the surging river, this human tragedy soon became part of history.

Even though, that incident took place so long ago, when I recall the
dream, it is so vivid.  My boy friend is Han Donger and I am the
officer. Occasionally I talked to him about this event and he told me
that it served me right. Yes, good deeds will be rewarded and bad deeds
will meet with retribution. How can I complain? According to that
principle, no matter who did what to whom, it may take a thousand years
but someone will find you eventually. Therefore, my misery in this
lifetime is unavoidable!

During my cultivation, it is Master who opened my memory of the Qin
Dynasty.  In repaying our karma, Master has also benevolently
resolved our predestined relationships from long ago and guided us to
the future. Only cultivators understand the true meaning of life. Only
when one follows Master's teachings, can the path of cultivation
becomes broader and can one, step by step, walk on the path of

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