Stories of Reincarnation: Pay What You Owe

Hai An

PureInsight | September 19, 2007

[] During the
course of my cultivation, I have not always moved forwards. Sometimes,
I went backwards.  More often than not, I was troubled by that.
However, Master did not forget me and I shed tears uncontrollably while
meditating. Perhaps, it was due to Master's enlightenment and the fact
that I had many dreams of my past lifetimes.

Long time ago, I was the general of a small kingdom. I saw myself
wearing armor and a sword very vividly. The life experience of that
lifetime was startling.

In that lifetime, the king was very kind to me and treated me like a
brother. Once, the king asked me to escort the queen back to the
palace. Unfortunately, there was a huge flood accompanied by impassable
roads, heavy rain and strong wind, and water was everywhere. The queen,
servant girls, and I ran up to a small forest on higher ground.
Perhaps, due to the hardships of the journey, the flood, the rain and
wind, the pregnant queen gave birth to a baby.

Because I did not fulfill my responsibility in that lifetime, this
time, the king was a classmate of mine in college. In the college, we
were good buddies and lived in the same dorm room for four years. After
we graduated, we worked in different cities. Later we became graduate
students in the same university. We ran into each other during the
examination and were awe-struck that we met again. We had the same
advisor, majored in the same field, and shared a room for five long
years! With such a predestined relationship between us, I took care of
him for the past ten years like a brother.  Only a couple years
ago, I recognized the long history between us from more than a thousand
years ago.

That proves the existence of cause and effect!  Neither wealth or
prosperity nor sorrow or hardships can leave with us. Everything will
be left behind except for our karma, which follows us like a shadow.
What one owes, either material or emotional, one eventually has to pay.
One may pay in this lifetime or another lifetime. Sometimes, it may
even take a thousand years. We have a predestined relationship with
every one of our acquaintances and with friends and relatives, in
particular. There are good predestined relationships and there are also
bad ones. We should cherish our predestined relationships with others.
It is well said in the song "Waking up from the Dream," sang by Soprano
Ms. Jiang Min: My life was originally as a deity in heaven; success or
failure in life on earth is like passing clouds and smoke.

One time I saw many of my lifetimes. I was a woman in more than one
lifetime. One of them was a really sad and miserable life. I could not
help but be moved by it. In many other lifetimes, I was general or
prince. To my surprise, many times, I was reincarnated in other
countries other than China.

Actually, many Western countries are mainly Christian countries and
nearly 70% of the people believe in God. For many years, I was studying
in England and America. Our English professor told us in the class that
China is the only country without a religious belief. I felt like a
freak. I did not believe in reincarnation when I heard the Taoists and
Buddhists talk about it before. I thought that was nonsense or
superstition. Now I know better. For generations, we have been
brainwashed by the atheism in China. I felt ashamed of my own ignorance
and narrow vision. When I was little, a white-beard old man came to our
house to establish a predestined relationship with me, but I chased him
away. Now, whenever I think about it, I feel remorse.

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