A Tale of Two Brothers

PureInsight | September 23, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Zhong Yuqi is
23 years old. He has a tall and upright body. He is neither impulsive
nor rebellious and that is so different from many young people
nowadays. He dresses simply but neatly. His face conveys decency and
justice and his demeanor carries courage and perseverance. He is far
more mature than his young age of 23.

He liked to ponder over things since he was very little: What is the
purpose of people living in this world? Is it just for clothing, food,
housing and activities?  He looked at the sky and was troubled
that he could not understand many things. Why people should be sick and
experience trials and tribulations? Why siblings should be so
different, even though they came from the same family? In this mundane
world, why do people all hve different fates? Finally, what is the true
meaning of life?

In order to find answers for all his questions, Yuqi read many, many
books, but he was still puzzled. When he was in high school, he
courageously chose philosophy to be his major in the college and hoped
that he could get some enlightenment and wisdom.  He finally had
his wish fulfilled and studied philosophy in an university. He studied
very diligently for three years and was quite disappointed.

Yuqi sighed, "It turned out that philosophy is nothing more than the
collective viewpoints of various philosophers. One philosopher's
viewpoint will be overturned by another one, later. And the same thing
goes on and on. Everyone's view point seems quite rational but none of
them is the real answer."

Until, one day, in a class on the philosophy of the Tao School, the
professor mentioned "Falun Gong." The professor said that Falun Gong
was widespread in China. Within a short seven years, there were over
100 million people practicing it. Yuqi even mentioned that this
professor seemed to have supernormal capabilities and he could feel the
professor's energy. The professor also said that he had contact with
quite a few practitioners and felt that Falun Gong was a righteous
school. He hoped that all students would buy a book and find out for

After Yuqi listened to his professor, a light went on in his
head.  On that day, he browsed in the book stores and saw the
golden yellow Zhuan Falun.
He did not hesitate to buy the book. He could not wait and read the
whole book all at once.  He found answers to all his questions and

Yuqi said, "This book surpasses all other philosophy books. No philosopher can explain quite like what is in Zhuan Falun
and give me the feeling that these are heavenly secrets. After I read
that, I had gained a new understanding toward the whole universe and
life. I understood the real meaning of life and why human beings were
being born into this world. I also knew what the purpose was for my

Yuqi underwent many physical changes after he started practicing. He
could walk or climb stairs very comfortably, as if he were floating.
The arthritis around his shoulders and knees disappeared. After Yuqi
experienced such changes, he tried diligently to improve his xinxing.

Yuqi has a 15-year-old brother, Yuhao. Yuqi was quite aloof to his
younger brother. They were not close. Yuqi sometimes pretended that
Yuhao were not there. After he practiced Falun Gong, he knew that he
had to change his attitude toward his relatives.  He started to be
concerned about Yuhao's life at home and at school. When Yuqi
discovered that Yuhao was impolite, impulsive, and rebellious, he
introduced Falun Gong to Yuhao and taught him the exercises and hoped
that his younger brother would also practice it.

After Yuhao read Zhuan Falun,
he, too, thought that the book was very good. More often than not, he
encouraged himself to improve according to the principles of
truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. The changes in Yuhao were so
great that all his teachers and classmates were very surprised. 
He used to skip classes, fight with classmates, talk dirty, and was
delinquent with homework. He was, in deed, a trouble child for his
teachers. After he started practicing, he became polite, calm, and
humble. Yuhao was an entirely different person!

While his xinxing improved,
Yuhao's body also underwent tremendous changes.  His knees and
joints no longer hurt and he regained his health. When he was a ninth
grader, there was huge academic pressure. However, he insisted on
reading one or two lectures a day and did the five sets of exercises.

Because Yuhao was so diligent, he normally could complete his
assignments in half the time. Even though sometimes he had to study
late and missed a lot of sleep, he was energetic next morning. All his
classmates looked at him enviously.

Now, Yuhao is in a senior high school of his choice and am very glad
that he is a Dafa practitioner. He hopes to introduce Dafa to all his
friends. His biggest wish is to establish a Falun Gong group and help
all the teachers and students to understand how precious Falun Gong is!

Yuhao and Yuqi also joined the Paradise Orchestra. The two of them have
similar upright bodies. One is the conductor and one plays the tuba and
both like to introduce the beauty and purity of Dafa to the people of
this world through wonderful music!

Yuqi said, "I feel that the Paradise Orchestra carries tremendous
responsibility. Many people who used to have a negative impression
about Dafa have changed their mind about us after they listened to our
performance. Particularly in Hong Kong, there are so many Chinese from
the mainland. When they saw us, they were moved and I was touched by
their longing and shocked eyes!

Yuhao said, "I first picked the tuba because it was huge. I felt
important playing such an instrument. Later I realized that it was for
me to validate the Fa. Even though it is exhausting to play it in the
summer time, I believe that  I do it to help people understand
Falun Gong, so it is worth it."

Both of them recognize how precious sincerity is after cultivating Dafa
and they have changed from being indifferent and selfish to considering
others first. Because they cultivate compassion, they have changed from
impatience and bad temper to being tolerant. Because they cultivate
forbearance, they have learned how to be forgiving, with a smile on
their faces, and walk the journey of life courageously.

Their cultivation of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance enables
them to erase the shadow in their minds and walk on the path of
returning to one's true self. Their continuous improvement has also
touched everyone around them.

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