An Opportunity Missed

Zhang Chuanyu

PureInsight | October 3, 2007

[] In the summer
of 2000, I drove past Harerbin City.  At a certain district I saw
a group of people gather around a street corner. I stepped out of my
car to ask directions and, at the same time, wanted to join the crowd
and have some fun. It turned out that it was someone from the South who
was extracting teeth. There was a small pad on the ground with many
pulled teeth on it. This young fellow with a southern accent continued
to explain to others about his herb and the ways to extract the teeth.

He was selling some kind of herb. He took out a small package and
spread some of the contents on the bad tooth. In a very short time, the
person would cough and the tooth would fall out of the mouth.
Meanwhile, he was handing out a small card with his home address. In
other words, people who want to extract a bad tooth can stay home and
do it themselves painlessly.  No blood and no pain. I also got one
of his cards. Some people wanted to experience an extraction and had to
stand in line.

When he saw me, he asked me whether I had a bad tooth. I said, "Yes." He then told me to wait for a short while.

At that time, I did not understand the principles of the Fa too well
and thought perhaps this was considered as having an illness cured. I
hesitated for a moment and walked away. In reality I had a bad tooth
that had caused me a great deal of pain and sometimes my whole cheek
became swollen. I even thought about going to the hospital and having
it extracted there. But when I met that young man, I thought, "Should I
have my tooth pulled?  Isn't pain supposed to release karma? 
Is this the right thing to do?"

In retrospect, it is my wrong notion, so I missed an opportunity to
validate the Fa. The same story was mentioned in Zhuan Falun. I
happened to run into that young fellow. Wasn't that an opportunity to
experience it myself and witness the miracle of Chinese medicine? I
could relate my personal experience to other people. How could I let
karma releasing and other cloudy notions fill my mind then?

In the path of cultivation, there is no coincidence. I did not have
righteous thoughts and did not understand the Fa principles too well,
and so I have ended up with losses and regrets.

Is there any way that I can make up for this? That young fellow probably left long ago. Can he still be in Haerbin?

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