Blessings from an Elderly Lady

Yi Dou

PureInsight | September 30, 2007

[] One day I took four hundred copies of The Epoch Times
home to be delivered the next morning. While I was sitting on a bench
at bus station waiting for the bus to arrive, an elderly lady wobbled
towards me.

I thought she might need to rest so I quickly got up and invited her to
take a seat. She said to me: "Young man, I just want to find out when
bus 34 will arrive."

She then took out a pair of glasses from a handbag unsteadily. I looked
at the electronic sign of in station and said: "It will be another 4

She thanked me and asked me: "Young man, are you from China?" I said
yes to her.  She said: "After my husband passed away, I always
read newspapers. One newspaper said that children in China don't have
fresh milk to drink. Is that true?"

I told her that there was big gap between rich and poor in China and
many children couldn't afford to buy milk. She sighed after she heard
what I said. I then took out a copy of The Epoch Times to give her and said to her: "There are many reports on China in this paper."

She carefully put it in her handbag and said: "After I get home, I'll
prepare my supper first. After supper, I will read it carefully." When
the bus arrived, we bade farewell to each other. She said to me: "Kind
young man, I wish you success."

Master said: "Even though the gods who have descended to the Three
Realms come from different levels, it was only upon having steadfast
faith in Dafa and the Fa-rectification that each came to the human
world. They wanted to come here to obtain the Fa and, along with this,
give their aid to Dafa while it was spread." (Fa Teaching at the U.S.

Even thought she looked tired, the elder lady gave the most precious blessing to a Dafa disciple.

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