Clarifying the Truth in Various Environments

A Dafa Practitioner in Ireland

PureInsight | October 5, 2007

[] (European Fahui 2007) Master said in the lecture at 2007 New York Fahui: "Dafa Disciples' personal cultivation is already not a problem. Dafa Disciples' Consummation is not a problem either. Currently one important thing to do is how to save more sentient beings. This is also what should be completed in the current procedure of Dafa Disciples' reaching consummation. This is the mission of Dafa Disciples and is the responsibility that nobody else is able to shoulder. It is something that must be done and must be completed."

I would like to share with everyone some experiences about how I have been clarifying the truth to Chinese people.

1. Breaking through human mentalities and using Little Helpers to clarify the truth to people in mainland China

Master says in the "Lecture in US Capital", "Besides what you will experience, what you will need to create in the final path towards consummation in your personal cultivation, your current very major and biggest thing is to save people." He also says, "Currently you just need to try to do even better, more effectively, make more influence, and save more people."

Using the Little Helpers to clarify the truth to mainland China is a quick method that can help a large amount of people in China learn the facts. Once I attended an online conference call about quitting the evil party, and got to know that many practitioners had started to use Little Helpers to clarify the truth to mainland China and that the method was being promoted among European practitioners. I ordered a Little Helper after the meeting.

After I received it, how to install and use it became a big problem. Although I could have asked the European Technical team for help, I was often thinking that I did not have enough computer knowledge and would not be able to learn it by myself. I intended to find a fellow practitioner who was good at computers so that we could learn it together. I was interfered with by my human mentalities; I felt difficult and shy. The problem remained for several months. Later, I read an email from a practitioner who offered to provide technical assistance in using Little Helpers. I quickly got in touch with this practitioner. With his patient help, the Little Helper started to work. It could dial several hundred phone numbers per day, so every day there were a lot of people hearing the truth from it.

During the process of using the Little Helper, I exchanged understandings with this other practitioner and realized that the Little Helper is another Fa Weapon that Master gives to Dafa Disciples to validate Dafa. I realised that now my Little Helper was running, I should encourage and help other practitioners to improve together and save more sentient beings with this device. After group Fa studies, I shared my experiences in running the Little Helper many times. With the support and cooperation of fellow practitioners, nearly every Chinese practitioner ordered a Little Helper. Altogether 21 sets were ordered. After the devices arrived, another practitioner and I went to practitioners' homes to help them with installation. He was doing the technical work; I was doing FZN to clear away interference. After installation, we taught the other practitioners how to use it. Then we found some cheap IP Phone service providers. Many Little Helpers started running. For some practitioners who did not have internet access at home, we would install their Little Helpers in our computers. Some practitioners' laptop computers were not suitable for installing the Little Helper. We shared our understandings with them and encouraged our fellow practitioners to create the conditions needed to make the Little Helper run.

After our Little Helpers ran for some time, our IP Phone services encountered serious interference. Some Little Helpers have stopped running since then. I felt very sorry upon seeing the Little Helpers lying dormant. These Little Helpers have come to Dafa Disciples' homes - they might have vowed in prehistoric times to be our Fa Weapons for saving sentient beings. We should not let them lose this opportunity and should help them play a good role in the Fa rectification period. We constantly did FZN and shared with practitioners. In this way, some practitioners resumed running their Little Helpers.

During coordinating the work of running the Little Helpers, the performance of Little Helpers has often been affected if my Fa study state is not good, or when I did not do FZN well, or when I had conflicts in my family. Sometimes, the Little Helpers reported being "Not able to dial", or showed too many "Line Busy" notifications. When I looked inward, adjusted my cultivation state, and put more effort into FZN to eliminate the elements that were interfering with the Little Helpers, they would work again as usual. However, sometimes I forgot to check the uploading of response data to the Callback Centre and have delayed saving sentient beings. Sometimes, I have not been able to actively ask fellow practitioners about their Little Helpers' running state. I wish that fellow practitioners could kindly point out my faults. During the process, my xinxing has been improved. I am very grateful to Master for his arranging this environment for us. I wish that we all could do this project even better in the future and save more sentient beings.

Besides Little Helpers, I have also learned from fellow practitioners how to use Skype, send faxes and use QQ to clarify the truth. I hope that more practitioners can participate in the work and do better in clarifying the truth to people in mainland China in addition to clarifying the truth to the local Chinese people.

2. Clarifying the truth outside the Chinese Embassy

I started protesting at the Chinese Embassy in April 2004. During the two years before my husband and children came to Ireland, I went to the Chinese Embassy to clarify the truth to people and to do FZN almost every day. Whether it was spring, summer, autumn or winter, and whatever the weather, with the exception of special dates and very bad weather, I went there every day before going to work or after finishing work. Sometimes, I went there at the weekend as well. On my days off, I went there in the morning and didn't leave until the last bus late at night. Outside the Embassy, I studied the Fa, practised the exercises, and did FZN every hour. I was really feeling like I had melted into the Fa every day. When I left the Embassy each time, I felt that my whole body had been scoured and purified. No words could describe that kind of sublime joy. I felt that my righteous thoughts were stronger and stronger and my attachments became less and less.

I enlightened that the Chinese Embassies are the "Tiananmen Squares" of overseas countries and are the dark dens of the evil. Dafa Disciples doing Fa study, FZN, and exercises there directly eliminates the evil from a close distance, which is a great help to the practitioners in mainland China. It is helpful in eliminating the evil that is preventing western governments, media, and people from learning the truth. It is also helpful in eliminating the elements that are hindering Dafa Disciples' from cooperating and improving as a whole body, which will be the start of big improvements in our local Fa Rectification progress.

When we are outside the Chinese Embassy, there are often cars passing by that slow down to see our banners. Many pedestrians stop and ask for materials. Sometimes, car drivers sound their horns to show their support or give us a thumbs up. Sometimes the press come and take pictures. I knew that these incidences are Master encouraging me. A lot of westerners going to China for tourism or business go to the Embassy. Many Chinese people go there as well. They can get truth clarification materials from us and some even ask us to publish their announcements of quitting the evil party. Some Embassy staff members often greet me. One of them said, "What time did you get here today? It's freezing! Please don't stay too late!" One time it was very windy for several days and the Embassy staff were finishing work at lunchtime. They all smiled at me. One elder staff member said, "I admire you. You are extraordinary!" I was happy that he understood the truth.

Once, when I was hanging a banner saying that the four major criminals who persecute Falun Gong must be brought to justice, the former Ambassador shouted to me, "What are you hanging there? It is a defamation of others." He went into the Embassy after saying this. I enlightened that it was not him speaking, but evil elements controlling him and slandering me. I sent righteous thoughts continuously to eliminate the evil behind him. At lunchtime, when he came out, I smiled to him. He said nothing. I greeted him each time when I saw him. He started to smile at me later as well. He changed. I enlightened that our FZN outside the Embassy is a great help to the Embassy staff because we are eliminating the evil that prevents them from understanding the truth. Everyone has a knowing side.

Once, a high official from the evil party visited Ireland. Irish Dafa Disciples launched a lawsuit against him. That day I finished work at 9pm and then I went to the Embassy to do FZN. Suddenly a police officer came over. He said that he had come to protect me. I said I was a Dafa Disciple and was not afraid. I asked him to go home. He stayed for two hours beside me until I left for home. It was a very cold winter. Sometimes, I could see that a police car was parked some distance away. When I left, they also left.

Later I moved house. Because of a strong attachment to comfort that was not my original true self I did not go to the Embassy much for a period of time. Later a male practitioner suggested that I protest at the Embassy with him. About five months ago, we started. He works at night and finishes at 6am every day. He studies the Fa at his workplace for a while then I drive past and pick him up at 7:30am so that we can go to the Embassy together. Sometimes, I also pick up another practitioner. This continued every weekday for two weeks. His righteous thoughts got stronger and stronger. Sometimes, when I was late, he would go by himself. Sometimes, he encouraged his wife to go together with him, taking their several-month-old baby. During the last five months, he has insisted on validating the Fa outside the Embassy nearly every weekday. His cultivation state has become better and better. He has also encouraged other practitioners to join this effort. I hope we practitioners can surpass our tribulations from now on and practise cultivation diligently together with others until the completion of Fa Rectification.

Being tempered outside the gate of the Embassy, I have a lot of feelings. I have seen my dirty attachments to validating myself, showing off, comfort, being afraid of tiredness, fear etc. I feel that this environment has made me take a big step forward in my cultivation in the Fa Rectification Period.

3. Establish a Quitting the Party Service Centre and persuading Chinese people to do the three withdrawals

When the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" came out, Fa Rectification entered a new stage. We established a local Assistance Centre to Quit the Three Communist Organizations. We often go to Dublin city centre area where many Chinese people can be found. We distribute newspapers and DVDs of "Nine Commentaries". We play audio versions of "Nine Commentaries", clarify the truth to Chinese people, and persuade them to quit the three Communist organizations. During the process, we realized that a lot of Chinese in Dublin are students. Most of them think they have never joined the party. They think, as a member of the Youth League or the Young Pioneers, their age has exceeded the age limit, and this means they have automatically resigned. Or they think quitting from the three organizations has nothing to do with them. Considering the concrete situation of the local Chinese community, we had some sharing about this and designed a special brochure to answer these questions from local Chinese people.

Normally, when our Assistance Centre is on the street, it shows a banner saying "Ireland Supports 24 Million Chinese People Quitting Chinese Communist Organizations" so that people passing by can know what we are doing. We play the "Quitting the Party" song and other songs composed by Dafa Disciples. Later some restaurant staff and those who were doing refurbishment work for a restaurant started to sing the song. We also broadcast Questions and Answers about quitting Communism organizations. At the same time, other practitioners stay on the pavements to distribute materials to Chinese people passing by and talk to them to help them quit. When talking with Chinese people, I talk about the Party's corruption, prophecies that tell of the Party's collapse, and the comparison between the party and the Soviet Union, then I tell them that I can publish a renouncement on their behalf.

My understanding is that in telling the truth to Chinese people, we should not get attached to the number of people that we can get to quit. We place importance on the procedure instead of the result. I pay special attention to adjusting my heart and making sure I'm not easily moved by their attitude. It is a process of cultivation. At the beginning I did not know where to start talking or how to talk. I developed from talking one or two sentences, to talking more sentences and finally to becoming good at talking. Now I feel that my wisdom comes out incessantly during talking, and I am more and more willing to talk. So please do not be afraid of opening your mouth. As long as you speak, even one sentence you speak can clear away the poisons in the person's mind. Some may agree to quit at once, others may not quit but they have accepted the material. After they read the material at home, they may agree to quit next time when another practitioner talks with him.

I also encourage Chinese people to tell their friends and relatives about the organisations helping people to quit the party. Once, a girl from my home province brought a list of eighteen names and asked me to help them publish their renouncements.

4. Clarifying Truth in the Workplace and Other Places

I work in a department store that is very near to the Embassy. I often see Chinese people going shopping there, including Embassy staff. Sometimes, they check out through my counter. I know that whatever their social positions are, they all came to learn the truth. They all have predestined relationships. So I make use of the short time whilst they are checking out through my counter to clarify the truth and encourage them to quit the evil party. Some of them agreed to let me publish their announcement to quit at once. Some wrote down the website address so that they could post the withdrawal statement themselves. Others said they would think about it.

In everyday life, on buses, at airports, on flights and on pavements etc. the Chinese people we meet are all targets for our truth clarification, and are people with predestined relationships that are waiting for us to tell them the truth. I normally keep some truth clarification materials in my handbag. As long as time permits, I greet the Chinese person, chat a few sentences and then talk about the quitting the party organisations. I also tell them about Falun Gong and the organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners.

The above are some experiences in my cultivation practice. What I have done is still not enough and there are still big gaps between me and diligent practitioners. If there are any incorrect points, please compassionately point them out to me. To conclude, I would like to read a poem by Master to encourage us together:

For the Good of the World

Make clear the truth,

and drive off foul spirits.

Spread widely the Nine Commentaries,

and the wicked Party shall fade.

With righteous thoughts,

save the world's people.

I just don't believe their consciences

are irretrievably lost.

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