Exploring the Journey to the West *(14)

Chuan Jiang

PureInsight | October 18, 2007

The Stone Monkey Stole Ginseng Fruits to Eat

[PureInsight.org] The Journey
to the West describes at great length the Stone Monkey eating ginseng
fruit on the sly. It is a major phase for a cultivator.  There
were many commentaries on this issue. Let me offer a brief explanation.

There is a saying, "transcending the five elements," in the cultivation
community. That is to say, one's body is no longer made of the five
elements. From remote antiquity, Chinese chemistry classified materials
into five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. They
constitute everything in the universe. Western scientists have also
found that chemical elements correspond to the five elements. Since our
bodies are composed of the five elements then our bodies must be
restrained by the physical law of materials. But when a cultivator
develops high-energy matter through cultivation to replace all the
cells in his body, then his body will no longer be made of the five
elements. His body is no longer made of the matter from this dimension
of ours and so the time field of our dimension does not restrict it.
Thus, from that point on, his body will not age naturally and he will
stay young. According to legend, ginseng fruit is the treasure of
immortals and eating it will make one transcend the five elements.

A cultivator cannot be impatient for success and cannot consider
himself extraordinary when he transcends the five elements. Otherwise
he will be under demonic interference from his own mind and completely
destroy himself. Fortunately, the Buddha Fa is boundless and if only a
cultivator keeps to his true belief, he will pull through the danger. A
cultivator needs to be always alert and not be impatient.

* "Journey to the West" is a
classic novel of Chinese mythology. The Buddhist monk Tang Xuanzang and
his three disciples went to India to obtain the Buddhist Scriptures. On
the surface, it is a novel about the adventures of a monkey with
unsurpassed supernormal capabilities battling demons of all sorts.
Underneath, it is a story about cultivation and tells the attachments
that cultivators have to overcome one by one.

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