Deep Longing for the Mystical World


PureInsight | November 8, 2007

[] While China
is piling up concrete forests in big cities, westerners cling to their
affection for the "mystical world" in western China - Tibet. Even so,
boastful Chinese "public servants" still pay no attention to it.

A few years ago, I was fortunate to have visited there so I understand
why westerners have such a longing for this uncivilized region.

Now I think of it, the color of the sky there made me, who comes from
city filled with filthy air, involuntarily look up the sky with endless
amazement and my brain seemed like a blank space.

No adjectives from my memory can describe this blue horizon. The serene
snow-caped mountains, the bits and pieces of flowers and grasses, the
endless stretches of forest, the long drawn-out mountain streams, and
so much more. The Marxist-Leninist ideology of atheism, which was
forced upon our generation during my growing up, evaporates without a

As an ordinary ethnic Han person coming from a lower region, my first
impression was that the sky was so close when I walked on the plateau.
It seems like I could almost reach it if I climbed up the top of the
snow-capped mountains. Facing this transcendence of the world's snowy
mountains, I felt I understood the insignificance of humans and piety
of Tibetans.

On the road, one will constantly see the faithful Tibetans, who for the
happiness of their next generation and the belief and tranquility of
mind in this generation, drop to the ground to worship the distant
mountains, kiss the freezing soil, and continue to walk after they dust
themselves off. Many pious Tibetans cross the long and arduous road by
prostrating themselves with their heads on the ground step after step
to pay respect to Potala Palace or other temples, small or large. All
this efforts are to approach the mountain deity in their minds to tell
her their pious minds of belief. It can be seen that how Tibetans
cherish Buddhism in their minds.

It is said that there will be heaven if there is god in one's mind.
Many Tibetan Buddhists have spent a year or longer on the road to
worship in order to pay back their cherished wishes made from their
previous lives. The mind of every pious Tibetan has one wish - using
their bodies to measure the road of pilgrimage. It is such a distinct
contrast to the Han's temples, which are permeated with stink of money.

Although Tibetans are generally deficient in  material goods,
their minds are filled with joyfulness. Most of them do not pursue
wealth. They only ask for enough to eat and warm clothes to wear and to
plead for all living beings. This is the spiritual pillar and pose of
the souls of Tibetans.

One day when I walked on a highway on the plateau, I suddenly heard a
burst of coarse and robust singing coming from beyond the horizon. I
took a look and saw a Tibetan under the sun. A basket on his back and a
colored ribbon in his hand, he was singing of spiritual things while he
walked. The song was obviously a natural expression and not a complete
song. This loud boisterous voice made up a splendid, untarnished, and
harmonious picture scroll.

I can feel a song, Tibet Plateau, sung by a devoted Buddhist Li Nuo. It
not only describes vividly the rich spirit of Tibetans, but also
unfolds before our eyes the natural world that belongs to the gods:

"Who brought the call from the ancient time,

Who left behind the millennium hope,

Could there still be a wordless song,

Or is it unforgettable sentimentality."

"Who looks into the blue sky day and night,

Who thirsts for perpetual dream,

Could there be other songs of praise,

Or is it the solemnity that cannot be changed forever."

First time I heard the song, I was deeply moved by her sincere and devout spiritual  sentiment.

In my mind, the vista of Tibet does not belong to this world of turmoil
but instead, belongs to the spiritual world. As I wandered about
unhurriedly in this mystical world, I am no longer restless, and
without a thread of distracting thoughts or gloomy mood.

I thoroughly forget all desires and all worries in this world, forget
every thing I once lost, including career, love, opportunity and

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