Exploring the "Journey to the West"* (22)

Chuan Jiang

PureInsight | October 22, 2007

Xiling Women's Kingdom



Overcome the Temptation of Lust

Cultivators must overcome the temptation of lust. That applies to both
genders. During the process of cultivation, everyone will encounter
trials and tribulations. The damage from lust is very serious and it
can erode the will of cultivators. Particularly, if it is attached to
ordinary people's sentimentality, it will consume much energy and one
will fall into a bottomless pit.

There is difference between "lust"' and "desire." Normally the lust issue does not exit between husband and wife.

When Tang Xuanzang escaped from the Women's Kingdom, he was captured by
the Scorpion Demon. Sun Wukong was also stung by the Scorpion Demon.

This illustrates the fact that lust is beautiful and gentle from the
surface, but it is really as poisonous as a scorpion. No matter how
strong you are, you will be stung.

To overcome the lust problem, a cultivator must first have guiding
thoughts. If a cultivator can maintain his righteous thoughts, the lust
problem will be resolved. Sometimes, the Master or other immortals will
also lend a helping hand.

* "Journey to the West" is a classic novel of Chinese mythology. The
Buddhist monk Tang Xuanzang and his three disciples went to India to
obtain the Buddhist Scriptures. On the surface, it is a novel about the
adventures of a monkey with unsurpassed supernormal capabilities
battling demons of all sorts. Underneath, it is a story about
cultivation and tells the attachments that cultivators have to overcome
one by one.

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