Exploring the "Journey to the West"* (24)

Chuan Jiang

PureInsight | October 25, 2007

A Human Body Is Hard to Come by

[PureInsight.org] Tang Xuanzang encountered several Tree demons in Wu Xian Temple.

Plants or animals that have accumulated intelligence and then turn into
demons are nothing new. However, they cannot compare with cultivators.
No matter how long they have lived and how many abilities they have,
they are not cultivating. They just happened to acquire some
intelligence from the universe.

In Journey to the West, there
is a distinct difference in attitude towards human beings and demons.
The life and death of a human being is decided by cause and effect.
When you take someone's life, it is killing. That is totally prohibited
but, if you encounter a demon, you need to totally eliminate it.

It is difficult to have a human body, difficult to be born in China,
and also difficult to obtain the Fa. Whoever can have all three
of  these conditions met is the most fortunate human being."

Xiaolaiyin Temple

The story of Xiaolaiyin Temple reflects a cultivation state.

Cultivators like to obtain the Tao and the right fruit. However, if one
thinks too much about it, it becomes an attachment. At the same time,
the demons can also create an illusion to deceive a cultivator.

Tuoluo Field

Killing a Python Demon in the Tuoluo Field.

In the Eastern culture, snakes, scorpions, spiders, and toads are all evil and ugly beings. And they are normally poisonous.

It is said that in a different dimension, all those creatures are
really evil and they act on the instructions of the demons. Once
cultivators get up to a certain level, those creatures are really
nothing. As the saying goes, "One righteous mind can subdue one hundred

* "Journey to the West" is a
classic novel of Chinese mythology. The Buddhist monk Tang Xuanzang and
his three disciples went to India to obtain the Buddhist Scriptures. On
the surface, it is a novel about the adventures of the monkey with
unsurpassed supernormal capabilities battling demons of all sorts.
Underneath, it is a story about cultivation and tells the attachments
that cultivators have to overcome one by one.

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