Balzac Treasuring Time like Gold

Huang Rong

PureInsight | December 5, 2007

[] The famous
French writer Balzac worked very diligently when he was writing. One
day after he wrote continuously for several hours, he felt that he did
not have any thoughts and could not write anything more. He told his
friend: "I am going to take a nap. Please wake me up after one hour."

One hour passed and his friend came to wake him up. His friend called
him once, Balzac did not respond. His friend thought that he has worked
for so long and must be very tired.

After a while, Balzac woke up. He found out that he slept more than one
hour. He was very mad at his friend and said: "How can you just wake me
up now? Do you know that you let me waste a lot of time?" He
immediately went back to his desk and continued his writing.

His friend did not complain about Balzac's irrational blame. In
contrast, he was touched and praised him: "You cherish time like with
gold. You are indeed a famous writer."

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