The Magnificent Show: "Holiday Wonders"

Rong Xin

PureInsight | December 25, 2007

[] I went to see the very first showing of Holiday Wonders with my family. From the opening curtain to the end, we felt like we were on a magical journey. During the entire journey, every program had great timing. When one had fully enjoyed one program, the next was ready to begin. All the programs were so nicely put together and turned into a large-scale, diversified performance, where eastern and western classical cultures were integrated. Just like the advertisements states: "The splendor of the Heavenly Kingdom reappears and the essence of Chinese culture illustrates it."
 The Canopy of Heaven as if One Were There
When the curtains opened, one saw a three dimensional cosmos and felt like one was in the Heavenly Kingdom where one seemed to have lived such a fairy tale, long ago.
 The Masters of Ceremony Act Together to Lead People on a Magical Journey
The two masters of ceremony did not introduce one program after another but, rather, pieced all the stories and legends together and thus led people on a journey of true Chinese culture. The western male MC spoke fluent Chinese. He sounded very approachable and made one feel at home. In addition, they constantly interacted with the audience and one thus sensed a connection with them.
 Gorgeous Chinese Dance
In "Ladies of the Qing Dynasty," the ladies were quiet and graceful. Their movements were gentle, harmonious, and charming. In "The Gentle Sleeves," performers moved as gently as water and as lightly as clouds and fully exhibited the beauty of classical Chinese dance.
 Songs Move Audience to Tears
When Bai Xue sang "a thousand years of hardship and the wishes of lifetime after lifetime" and   "neglect not the rare opportunity which may disappear in an instant," her every note touched our hearts and woke up our yearning for returning to our true selves so deep down inside. My husband said, "Her singing is like calling for a lost child to return home and I can not help but shed tears."
 Torrential Applause
The audience showered the entire performance with applause. Particularly when the programs were their favorites, the audience cheered incessantly. When a group of young men performed "The Noble Drummers of the Great Tang Dynasty," their interpretation of loyalty and courage was deep and vivid, which brought rounds of applause. In the dance called "Waking Up," when the worldly people refused to remain silent and stood up to uphold justice, the whole theater was filled with thunderous applause. Performers and audience merged into a whole body.
 Dance Performance with Fascinating Meaning
At the end of "Goddess Chang'e Flying to the Moon," I could not bring myself back, as if I were still in that state, and contemplated its meaning.
 I was in the Beacon Theater but, after the show, I knew that I had not seen enough and I did not want to leave, either.
 The Holiday Wonders to me is like a spiritual baptism. I had a sore throat before I went in but, after the show, the pain in my throat was gone and I was more energetic. The true traditional culture and music are not only good for the soul but also good for the body.
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