Shen Yun Leads in a Brand New Direction in Art

Hanting Wang

PureInsight | December 29, 2007

[] Many major
theaters have arisen on New York's Broadway over the years. Throughout
those years, the performing arts on Broadway have developed a unique
style and form, so those plays that imitate the style are called
Broadway shows even if they are not played on Broadway.  Whenever
a typical modern show is mentioned, most people will think of Broadway.

In recent years, however, New Yorkers, who are already very familiar
with the Broadway style, have noticed that a totally brand new
performing show has appeared in Broadway theaters like a miracle and
grown mature in a few short years. This show is the "Holiday Wonders"
and "Global Chinese New Year Spectacular" performed by the Shen Yun
performing troupe.  

The magnificent high-tech backdrop, brilliantly colorful and graceful
costumes, and the superb technique and artistic expression have all
brought people a brand new and refreshing sensation. Even more
importantly, every piece of the performance sends out the message of
beauty and kindness to the audience. It is no wonder that many of them
have noticed that they felt very pleasant both in body and spirit after
watching performances by the Shen Yun performing troupe.

At the same time, the performance by Shen Yun has also raised a
difficult issue for western performing arts critics. Except for some
folk dances, most dances are traditional Chinese dances. Most
westerners are not familiar with the technique and physical yun
(expression of ethnic bearing) of the traditional Chinese dance, in
addition to the deep cultural connotation and the moral power behind
the dances that resonates with people's hearts, so it is indeed not
easy for them to make sophisticated comments.

The Shen Yun performing troupe arose at an historical moment. It not
only shook Broadway. Its worldwide touring shows are even leading in a
brand new direction for art which is the epitome of goodness and beauty
while pursuing virtue and Dao.

Modern art is more and more pursuing "art for the sake of art" which is
actually art for sensational effect. The superb technology cannot cover
the increasing darkness at the spiritual level. Although there are also
excellent works, the reality that traditional art has been neglected
cannot be denied. The emergence of Shen Yun into the world is not
simply the revival of traditional art. It is, instead, pushing the
great accomplishments of humans in performing arts throughout the past
several thousand years to their summit.  

The emergence of "Holiday Wonders" and the "Global Chinese New Year
Spectacular" by the Shen Yun Performing Troupe symbolizes the birth of
a new tradition of art that will also make New York's Broadway a
different place in the future.

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