An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | January 6, 2008



Behind the purest diamond

beyond the farthest skies

the 'Great Buddha Law'

all-pervading, forever encompassing

from this world below

to heavens infinitely high.

Piercing the darkest heart

promising the calmest tide

the 'Great Buddha Law'

all-embracing, forever transforming

from ancient shores

to oceans infinitely wide.


Beyond all rhyme and season

beyond these common skies

worlds to awaken upon greater shores

far more than a flittering prize.

Beyond all stars and strife

beyond this heart confined

traversing tides come timeless oceans

as above so below forever entwined.

Beyond all cloud and clamour

beyond the dark that blinds the eye

reclaiming one's birthright destined gold

beyond these common skies.

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