To the CCP

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | March 2, 2008


YOU  (For the Chinese Communist Party)

Corruptor of our common flesh

perpetrator against the striving,

the merits of the human heart.

You, who poison the mind

steer the soul away,

who, without law or conscience

tear countless lives apart.

Deceiver of our common good

persecutor against the innocent,

the remaining light of humanity.

You, who darken China's days

curse the heavens,

who, without tears or remorse

orchestrates this *silent calamity.

(*the persecution of millions of Falun

Gong prisoners of conscience in China).

HOW FAR?   (To the Chinese Communist Party)

How far can you stray from humanity

how far from the common heart?

For the sake of human dignity

and for the hour of our greater light.

How long must you hide behind your walls

how long to spread the shameful lies?

For the sake of China one and all

and for a time of far greater skies.

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