A Story of Love and Time

PureInsight | March 9, 2008

[PureInsight.org] Once, Happiness, Sorrow, Knowledge, and Love, in addition to other Emotions, were living on a small island.

One day, Emotions learned that the island would soon sink. Hence,
everyone was getting ready to leave the island, except Love. Love
insisted that she would stay there until the last minute.

A few days later, when the island was about to sink, Love thought of
asking for help. That time, she saw Wealth passing by in a big ship.

Love asked: "Wealth, Will you take me with you?"

Wealth said: "No, my ship is loaded with gold, silver and other treasure. There is no room for you."

Then Love saw Vanity on a very magnificent ship and asked: "Vanity, please help me!"

Vanity said: "I cannot help you. You are all wet and might mess up my beautiful ship."

When Sorrow passed by, Love asked him for help: "Sorrow, let me go with you."

 "Oh, I am really are very sad, I just want to be alone!" Sorrow answered.

When Happiness passed by, he didn't hear Love was calling him for help, because he was so happy.

Suddenly, a voice called: "Come over, Love. I'll take you with me."

It was an elder. Love was pleased beyond expectation and forgot to ask his name. When they reached the land, the elder left.

Love was very grateful and asked another elder the name of the elder who had saved her.

"His name is Time." Knowledge, the elder, answered.

"Time?" Love asked, "Why would Time help me?"

Knowledge smiled: "It is because only Time can comprehend how great Love is."

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