The Call of Aeons from Beyond the Veil

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | February 17, 2008


Beyond the Veil

Behind the façade

beyond the veil

the truth timeless

soon to prevail.

Between the lines

before the day

the truth emerges

to light the way.

Come truth reclaiming of boundless shores

where hearts transforming as never before.

Behold the hour

become the bloom

the truth unfolds

from seed to womb.

Behind the façade

beyond the veil

the truth shines

never to pale.

The Call of Aeons

From the depths of winter

to the light upon our horizons

this world awakening like never before

encompassing, transforming everyone.

From the call of aeons

to the truth embracing our hearts

worlds awaiting the "Great Law" no more

any shores of old now oceans apart.

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