Stories from Cultivation: Inspiration from Water Pipes

An Overseas Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 30, 2008

[] Cultivation is indeed wonderful. Many of the problems we have can be manifested in the surrounding environment.

1. Leaking water

Several years ago, I moved into an apartment and found that both the
sink and bathtub were leaking water. Drop by drop, several litters of
water would leak out over one night. I did not know what to do and told
the landlord. He told me not to worry about it since, after all, he
paid the water bill.

So, I spent day after day with the sound of dripping water. The sound
was like a little hammer knocking on me. For sure it was because of
some omission in my heart that the water kept on dripping. So, I
started to look for my own attachments and made an effort to get rid of

Later, I moved again. The water faucets in the new apartment were not
leaking like before but the toilet tank was leaking. Once every five or
ten minutes the tank would automatically flush and refill again, day
and night. Later I noticed that if I pushed the handle several times,
the problem would be solved. Sometimes, when I forgot, however, the
automatic flushing once a while would occur again.


I contacted the landlord several times but no one showed up to fix the
problem. The flushing sound was reminding me: what was I not doing well
that caused the water to leak like this? Then, I again start to look

Among the attachments I have found, the most obvious one is the
attachment of lust. I found that the key element still resides in
myself. When I am being diligent in the Fa and keeping a pure mind, I
will naturally be in the right state and won't encounter family
conflict, even if my spouse is not a cultivator. "If you do not and
will not think of it, your spouse will not think of it, either." (Zhuan Falun)

One day, a worker came and fixed the tank. Water leaks have never happened since then.

2. Waste water

The problem of the water leakage has been solved, but we started to
have trouble with the water drainage. Water from the bathtub and sink
drained very slowly and it took several hours to completely drain.

I knew that the pipe was blocked and we tried to poke it through but that didn't serve much use.

Pondering on this, I thought that, once again, it's time to look
inward. It had been for a long time that I hadn't had any good effect
from sending forth righteous thoughts and, oftentimes, I would fall
asleep. When I did not clear away the bad stuff, the water pipe would
naturally be blocked. So, I tried to improve on sending forth righteous

Later, the water blockage became more serious. The kitchen sink was
blocked and we did not even have a place to wash dishes. I further
realized the seriousness of sending forth righteous thoughts.

My wife suggested calling the landlord again, but I said that there was
no use and no one would come. She said that if I would only go to fill
out the form, somebody would come to fix the pipe. Before, I just made
a phone call and did not follow their procedures, and then I still
complained. I thought that was true. I often do things my own way
without communicating with others fully and automatically assume that
others do not cooperate and then complain. It seemed that I really
needed to learn to be more tolerant and forgiving.

Putting down the attachments, things started to go well. Right after I
called next morning, someone came over to fix the pipe. When the
blocked pipe was cleaned up, lots of dirt that had clogged it was taken
out. It took a long time for the stinky smell to disappear.

Some thoughts naturally came into my mind. I wondered whether it is our
attachments or the evil that need to be eliminated by our sending forth
righteous thoughts. They are all like this filthy stuff. Are they
really anything we would find undesirable to part with when they are
being cleared up?

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