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PureInsight | April 14, 2008

[PureInsight.org] Some time
ago, I ran into the attachment of sentimentality occasionally. When I
became aware of it and decided to get rid of it, I felt a little lost
and sad! I looked inward and found I was feeling that it was hard to
cut off and discard.  Then I came to a realization.

To cut off or to sever something with a knife is painful.

It is just like cutting out a tumor from one's body with a knife is
painful. If the tumor isn't cut out, it can be trouble in the future.
The best thing to do is to endure a short time of pain and remove it.

A cultivator has many attachments to discard. We need to discard our
attachments of fame, gain, and sentimentality. It is difficult to get
rid of "gain," which we can see and feel. Even in tribulation, we may
still feel it is quite good. And we may still think it's a part of our
thoughts. If we do not get to the core of things quickly, it may
destroy us, just like a tumor.

I would like to quote Master's poem, "Discarding Attachments," to encourage each other:

"You may talk cultivation

But you have to discard the attachments

that you hold deep inside

What's given up is not oneself

But instead the folly of delusion"


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