Cultivation Diary: Overcoming Drowsiness and Laziness


PureInsight | May 4, 2008

[] My head
always droops during morning meditation. Even during the daytime, my
eyes feel like closing at any time. When I sent forth righteous
thoughts today, Master enlightened me to let me see many insects in my
own field. These insects were white looking and frightening. When I
looked closer, words imprinted in my head: "Lazybones!"

I haven't persisted in participating the early morning exercises. I
either overslept or did not take it seriously. I even lowered my hands
during the Falun Standing Stance. That might be why there were so many
lazybones insects growing in my field that caused interference. 
These insects love to nest in the fields of those practitioners who
aren't very diligent. To get rid of them, one has to do the exercises
seriously, besides sending forth righteous thoughts. Master said that
doing the exercises is the best kind of rest. And yet I still do not
follow Master's teaching and always find excuses for not being
diligent. That is why so many lazybones insects nested in my field.

Laziness is a huge demonic attachment. Seeking comfort comes from
laziness and is a human mindset that we are not willing to give up.
Laziness can also cause us not to try harder to do things and not to
have a sense of responsibility. It can even generate various kinds of

How can we let that demon nature stay with us? And how can we allow
that we become clearheaded only after Master enlightens us? We can no
longer behave like that. I can no longer be a cultivator who is not
responsible to the sentient beings in my own world. I must eliminate it

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