A Lesson from General Qi Jiguang 's Recitation of a Buddhist Sutra

A Cultivator in China

PureInsight | April 14, 2008

[PureInsight.org] Qi Jiguang
was a general who was famous for beating back Japanese pirates in the
Ming dynasty. General Qi was not only a protector the country and a
person who took care of citizens, but also a believer in Buddhism.
General Qi usually read Buddhist scriptures daily, even during military
marches. When he was the deputy chief commander, he dreamed about a
soldier who died in action asking him, "Tomorrow my wife will be here.
Could you recite a sutra for me to allow me to be reincarnated?"

The soldier's wife showed up the following morning just like in the
dream. General Qi then recited a sutra for the soldier that morning.
That night he had a dream about the solider extending his thanks: "I am
grateful to the general for reciting sutra for me personally. But
because of your inserting the words  'don't need,' during
recitation I can't be reincarnated, even though I am now out of pain. "

General Qi was astounded. He then recalled that his wife had sent a
servant to serve tea when he was reciting the scripture and he had
waved his hand to the servant to decline, even though he didn't say
anything. But it meant, "don't need." So he closed his door and recited
a sutra devotedly. He then dreamed about the soldier thanking him and
told him he was reincarnated.

I am enlightened from this story: We must be absolutely devoted when we
study the Fa. We must calm our minds with single-minded devotion,
without any distracting thoughts, so we will achieve the best result.

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