Ode to the Fallen Ones

Teresa Tan

PureInsight | May 11, 2008


This is the story of the

silent ones whose cries

went unnoticed by everyone

Tortured for Zhen Shan Ren

They held their beliefs - that

Truth Compassion Tolerance

were their salvation

Who were they?

Those Fallen Ones

While the world rushes by

Lost in a maze of

endless pursuits

Their cries of anguish

pierce my heart

Like shooting spears

hitting their mark

Drink & drugs numb the pain

Their haunting screams

wake me again

Stop the slaughter!

But Demons defy

Hear their pleas

Restore sanity

Soldiers from Hell

Who execute

Beware - Nevermore

defile the Good

Oh fallen Ones

Rise again

Extend to us

Your compassion

What have we learned?

when History repeats

the senseless crushing

of good innocents

Children of God

lead us back

to awakened principles

of Buddha Fa

People, let's stop

the crimes and the Beatings

the shackles, Organ Harvesting,

Genocide, Forced feedings

Stop the blood flowing

Violence galore

Assaults on our Senses

Return us to shore

Only Falun Gong knows

the way to restore

Truth gives us sanity

Compassion calms memories

Tolerance makes dialogue -

possible - perhaps friendly?

 Zhen Shan Ren offers

the best defense

against hatred, and sins

engulfing again

The Red Dragon gone

It's slain at last

Mark of the Beast

forever past

Emergence from

Dreams long foretold

Into the future

we brightly go

The Play has ended

as we return

place of beginnings

Zhen - Shan - Ren

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