Justice Is in One's Heart

By Pi An

PureInsight | June 16, 2008

[PureInsight.org] In China
today, the most awakened people are suffering the most, either for
advocating democracy, upholding morality, culture or traditional
beliefs, and these people deserve our respect and admiration.

One can imagine their suffering and the pressure they are under. Qu
Yuan (340-278BC) once said, "The whole world is muddy while I am clean;
everyone is in sleep while I am awake." In a locked dark room where
everyone is sleeping and you are the only one awake, you will have to
face the darkness by yourself.

Therefore, those who are in slumber yet wishing to be awake would find
the actions those who are awake somewhat scary because they themselves
dare not face being in a dark room. They think that it is dangerous to
tell the truth and make an effort to break out of the dark room and
that it is better to keep sleeping.

Those who are awake would try to break out of the dark room. When one
does, the action and the sound generated will wake some people from
their slumber. Some of them may curse because this disturbed their
sweet dreams. Others will try to find out what happened, and then they
may join those who are awake to work together toward reaching the light.

The awake ones originally are the seeds of fire and they are the light.
They search for the light and also become creators of light.

One of my colleagues is a very kind and truthful person. However,
whenever I shared with him some news from overseas, he did not like to
listen. In his understanding, there is no right and wrong in this
world, as everything is relative; there is no standard for a choice,
and thus there is no way to distinguish right from wrong. Following his
logic, you can come to the conclusion that people cannot do anything
about the vicious things occurring in this world. You may simply
observe them happening while feeling helpless.

I told him that right and wrong do exist in this world. For example, I
said, "This table has a front side and a back side, right? If the front
side represents 'right,' then the backside may represent 'wrong.' Does
this logic make sense?" He nodded. Then I said, "If that is the case,
why did you say right and wrong cannot exist?"

He thought about this for a while and said that we do not have a
standard to distinguish right from wrong and thus they are
indistinguishable. I told him that he was wrong, saying, "That is the
issue of the standard for making choices, not the issue of the
existence of right and wrong. If you cannot distinguish when making
choices, it is your own problem, but you cannot deny the existence of
right and wrong." He thought about this for a while and then said, "You
are right."

Then he said, "You told me about the persecution of Falun Gong
practitioners, the staged 'self-immolation incident,' and the illicit
harvesting of organs from live Falun Gong practitioners for sale on the
international market, etc. I do believe what you said, but I am only a
common person in society, so far away from politics. I feel there is
nothing I could do."

I said, "You are wrong again. You should not believe that you could not
do anything. Everyone has the power to exterminate evil. What you
should do is to find the truth. Then you can make a moral judgment and
know the evils are wrong and should not exist. That is enough. By doing
so, you are creating your virtue and becoming part of the great force
to eliminate evil."

After he listened to what I said, he expressed his agreement.

Sometimes I feel that the ones who have the self-believing
philosophical minds actually fall far short of those whose minds appear
relatively simple because the latter ones do not have such a
complicated way of thinking, and so good and evil appear very easy to
distinguish for them. The moral dilemma about good and evil has already
become a problem in the minds of today's Chinese people, as they no
longer have the correct concept of good and evil. What has replaced it
is a concept of bowing to financial and social interests and to power.

It is a sorrow for our nation that a philosophical mind is afraid of
thinking and accepting any different information from the outside world
due to fear.

Justice is in one's heart. Every Chinese person should keep it in mind and practice it.

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