Answers to Some Questions About the Earthquake From Internet Friends

By a Falun Dafa Practitioner in North America

PureInsight | June 16, 2008

[] Since the
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spread rumors saying that the recent
"Quit the CCP Rally" held by Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing, New
York City was obstructing people from donating money to the earthquake
victims in Sichuan province, some friends on the Internet asked me many
questions about Falun Gong. The following are my answers to some of


1) After the catastrophe happened in our motherland, what have you done?

First, let's try to understand why this catastrophe happened. Since the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
was published more than three years ago, the phrase "Gods' Elimination
of the CCP" has become known to numerous households inside China as
well as overseas. Since it is "Gods' Elimination...," the Gods have
been giving warnings for more than three years before the elimination
of the CCP actually starts, the manifestation of which has been that
natural and man-made calamities have happened one after another in
China. Therefore, it is not only a national catastrophe, but even more
so, a disaster for the evil CCP. As cultivators who have tremendous
respect for Gods, we have been calling out "Quit the CCP and come to
safety" for more than three years now, using our own time, resources
and savings. Today, we feel even more strongly that we should speed up
helping more Chinese people quit the CCP in order to save their
precious lives. In our understanding, this is a top priority, and so
this is what we have been doing with great urgency.

2) The Chinese government has earned
a lot of credit by helping the earthquake victims this time. How come
you're still cursing the CCP?

Since the Sichuan earthquake was a manifestation related to "Gods'
Elimination of the CCP," no matter how well the CCP performs, it seems
it is just helping itself before its last breath. This catastrophe was
what the CCP has brought to Chinese people for its wrongdoings. The
more deceiving it is, the more dangerous it is to the Chinese people
because if everybody thinks that the CCP is good and does not believe
in the warnings regarding "Gods' Elimination of the CCP," then in the
course of the Gods' eliminating the CCP, the Chinese people will not
have the sense to save themselves when more catastrophes strike, and
the evil CCP will make scapegoats of more Chinese people before it
dies. What we're doing now is telling people the truth and exposing the
evil that the CCP is doing on its deathbed.

3) You took pleasure in people's suffering.

Over past three years, who has been risking their lives spreading the Nine Commentaries
in China? Who has been risking their lives posting warnings of "Gods'
Elimination of the CCP" and helping Chinese people to quit the vicious
CCP's organizations? Not many Chinese people know how many good people
were arrested, tortured and murdered for spreading the Nine Commentaries
and news of warning regarding "Gods' Elimination of the CCP." Those
arrested were all Falun Gong practitioners. Because they know that Gods
will destroy the CCP and disasters will come and many Chinese people's
lives will be endangered, they have been giving their all to save
people. Think about it: Would these kind of people take pleasure in the
suffering of others? How could you still believe the CCP's scandalous
lies about Falun Gong?

4) The CCP is rescuing people after the earthquake, while you're making trouble.

In fact, we are the ones who are truly rescuing people after the
earthquake, and it is the CCP that is making trouble. The CCP is
interfering with an eminent large-scale activity dedicated to helping
more and more Chinese people quit the CCP and escape from the impending
disasters. Now all the Chinese people are talking about the natural
disasters that have occurred one after another in China these past few
years, as well as the warnings given by the Heaven beforehand,
including the dates, the rules of timing, and all the so-called
abnormal phenomena, as well as predictions of future disasters. At this
time, the CCP concentrates on tarnishing the reputation of Falun Gong
and spreading lies about Falun Gong practitioners overseas, trying to
distract people from seeing the warnings from Gods, trying to fool
people not to believe that these disasters are the process of "Gods'
Elimination of the CCP" and not to believe that the only way to escape
is to "Quit the CCP and come to safety." The CCP is not only
interfering with the real effort to save people, but also trying to
hide the fact that more disasters are coming to destroy it. What the
CCP is doing is putting Chinese people's lives in real danger.

5) If the CCP is bad and what you
have said regarding "God's Elimination of the CCP" is true, then why
was it that all those who were killed were common citizens?

From the "Young Pioneers" to the "Communist Youth League" and the
"Communist Party," how many Chinese people have sworn an oath before
the CCP's bloody flag, vowing to devote their lives to the evil party?
No matter what their purpose and thoughts were at the moment when they
made that pledge, the Gods will not deny it. The Gods will take every
man's vow as a choice for his own life. Therefore, when the "Gods'
Elimination of the CCP" occurs, the Gods will treat those who have not
quit the CCP as members of the CCP, which is in accordance with the law
of heaven. As cultivators, we know this law, and that is why we have
been calling loudly to people "Quit the Party and come to safety." If
more Chinese people could listen to our most kind-hearted advice,
declare their previous vows to the CCP to be void in every way that
Gods acknowledge, declare their withdrawal from the CCP and its
affiliated organizations, then we believe fewer innocent people will
become victims buried along with the CCP.

The above are just my answers to some questions from everyday people
based on my current understanding and cultivation state that I would
like to share with everyone. Please point out anything improper.

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